Promotion for Teachers in 2012

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Besides knowing that teachers have played a positive part in the development of a student’s life, one of the best rewards a teacher can have is in the form of promotion. So, Berry Berry Easy would like to share the next piece of good news for teachers regarding potential promotion that would involve the teaching community in Malaysia. Do read on.

Promotions for Teachers in 2012


What: Promotion for School Teachers in Malaysia
When: 1 January 2012

Important points to take note:

  • Lab studies were conducted to finalise the new teacher’s grading scheme. (Findings will be ready in a few week from the date of publication of this post.)
  • The results of the study will be submitted to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia for his perusal and further action.
  • It is expected to affect the entire teaching community and not only for principals.

The promotions might include (unconfirmed as of now. More news expected soon):

It was previously announced during Teacher’s Day 2011 that:

  • 1,228 school principals would be promoted to Grade DG52.
  • 6,585 secondary school senior assistants be promoted to Grade DG48.
  • 99 cluster primary schools’ senior assistants would be promoted to DGA34.

The news was not well-received by Malaysia’s 24 teaching unions as the number of promotion slots appears to be beneficial only to a small portion of the nearly 400,000 teachers in the country.

Similarly, the PM also announced that there will be a new promotion scheme in 2012 for teachers.

  • This is to transform and uplift the teaching profession in line with the theme for teacher’s day.
  • From it, teachers who would typically end up at Grade D48 after 25 years of service will have a chance to be placed on Grade DG54, although it depends on the the tier which they belong to.

Teachers would be categorised into four-tier positions:

  • Guru Biasa (Normal teacher)
  • Guru Kanan (Senior teacher)
  • Guru Wibawa (Super teacher)
  • Pendeta Guru (Exemplary teacher)

What do you think of this new scheme? Would it really rejuvenate the teaching profession? Is it fair? Is it too complicated? Berry Berry Easy would like to hear from you.

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