Study Tips for Pengajian Am – Things to Read to Improve General Knowledge

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Pengajian Am or General Studies paper is usually the subject that most STPM Form 6 students fear. Most even claimed that it is the hardest subject they have taken in their lives even after completing their PhDs, due to the wide range of topics which is covered. For those who are well-read and take an interest in happenings in Malaysia and around the world and also the various systems and national institutions in place, this subject is a breeze. For those who don’t, it is still not too late to start now.

Most Berry Readers would like to start reading up at some point during Form 6, but they do not know where to start beyond the most obvious starting points of newspapers. So the following list is shared by Berry Berry Easy to guide students in Form 6 to the correct reading material to tackle the Pengajian Am paper.

Study Tips for Pengajian Am – Things to Read to Improve General Knowledge

Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia

While general reading covering a wide-range of topics is encouraged, but sometimes Berry Readers do not have the time to do that, considering the many school activities and homework given. So, key reading list for Pengajian Am for STPM Form 6 should consist of:

1) Daily newspapers

  • Berita Harian
  • The Star
  • News Straits Times
  • and other reputable newspapers (tabloids are not included)

2) Local and international magazines (not gossip magazines)

  • Times magazine (general knowledge and geopolitical climate of the world)
  • Newsweek (economics, social and geopolitical roundup in the world)
  • The Edge (business happenings in Malaysia and the world)
  • National Geographic (nature and social, although not recent, but more of a timeless reading)
  • too many others to list

3) Government papers/pamphlets

  • Easily obtainable from various government sites

4) Reports on Malaysia Plans

  • Pra Dasar Ekonomi Baru

Rancangan Malaya I (1956-1960)
Rancangan Malaya II (1961-1965)
Rancangan Malaysia I (1966-1970)

  • Dasar Ekonomi Baru

Rancangan Malaysia II (1970-1975)
Rancangan Malaysia III (1976-1980)
Rancangan Malaysia IV (1981-1985)
Rancangan Malaysia V (1986-1970)

  • Dasar Pembangunan Nasional

Rancangan Malaysia VI (1991-1995)
Rancangan Malaysia VII (1996-2000)

  • and all subsequent Malaysia plans

5) The Malaysia Constitution

  • Can be bought in bookshops like MPH or Popular
  • All Malaysians should read this so that you know your constitutional rights.

6) Annual Economic Report for Malaysia

7) Recommended reference books such as:

  • Abdullah Sanusi Ahmad, Kerajaan dan Pentadbiran Malaysia, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Kuala Lumpur, 1982.
  • Ahmad Atory Hussain, Pengantar Pentadbiran Awam, Utusan Publications & Distributors Sdn. Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, 1983.
  • Buku tahunan Perangkaan Malaysia, Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia, Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Dasar-Dasar Kerajaan Malaysia, INTAN, Kuala Lumpur 1991
  • Laporan Jawatankuasa Kabinet Mengkaji Perlaksanaan Dasar Pelajaran, Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
  • Malaysia kita: Sejarah, Pentadbiran dan Dasar-dasar Pembangunan , Institut Tadbiran Awam Negara, Kuala Lumpur, 1991.
  • Malaysia Year Book, Berita Publishing, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Prof Ahmad Mohamed Ibrahim & Ahilemah Joned, Sistem Undang-undang di Malaysia Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Kuala Lumpur.

Of course you don’t have to read everything, but try to have an overall understanding of everything would be the best bet to score high in your STPM Pengajian Am paper, this is the best tips by Berry Berry Easy for success in STPM Form 6 Pengajian Am paper.

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August 24, 2012

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