Length of National Service (NS) in Malaysia to Remain 3 Months

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Malaysia’s National Service (NS) programme (also known as PLKN in Malay) has always been an evolving programme to promote national unity. One often asked question is the length of the programme. Although there were discussion about potential extention of the programme, the best option is to look out for the official news. Berry Berry Easy wishes to share this news with all Berry Readers.

No Extension of National Service (NS) in Malaysia

What: Confirmed duration of National Service (NS) in Malaysia
When: For the upcoming sessions until further changes
Length: 3 months

News Summary

  • The NS training programme will not be extended from its current 3 months duration.
  • However, it is not impossible for this issue to be reviewed in 2013 or 2014.
  • This decision was made by the National Service Training Council after studies were conducted, where the results showed that present day 3-month duration is sufficient.
  • Studies were conducted by the National Service Training Council and also universities.
  • NS trainees are allowed to extend their training in camps.
  • Youths not selected for the NS training programme can request to join the programme voluntarily.
  • Religious speakers will be given allowance regardless of the number of students in camp. This is an improvement from the previous rule where allowance is only paid in classes exceeding 25 participants.


  • Next National Service training programme series will start on the 10th of September 2011
  • ~60,000 youths born in the year 1993 will be selected.

What do you think of this ruling? Is the length long enough to foster national unity? Should the programme be scrapped altogether? Berry Berry Easy would invite you to share your views with all readers.

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