STPM Chemistry Form 6 Note – Tips on Learning Organic Chemistry

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Organic chemistry for STPM Chemistry Form 6 students is often regarded as a very difficult mega-topic. Usually, it is more about the mind set of the students than the actual difficulty of the subject itself. Without listening to seniors or any other opinions that organic chemistry is difficult, it is actually just simply about the chemistry of carbon and chemicals in living organisms.

One might ask why is organic chemistry relevant. The answer is simple where industry that produces medicine (pharmaceuticals), consumer products (cosmetic) and many other products, all requires organic chemists. Jobs might include the detailed study of molecules that contain carbons. Complicated fundamental studies on chemical reactions, chemical bonds and other organic chemistry related sub-disciplines will be involved.

Before you reach that stage, the first step is to understand the topic of Organic Chemistry at STPM level. This post on Berry Berry Easy is about the basic Tips on Learning Organic Chemistry. They are easy to follow tips but typically difficult to execute without discipline. If you can do all the simple steps, then your understanding of Organic chemistry will be virtually guaranteed. So good luck on understanding organic chemistry as it is a popular STPM examination topic.

STPM Chemistry Form 6 Note – Tips on Learning Organic Chemistry



General Tips on Learning Organic Chemistry

A. You need to draw organic compounds, name them, understand chemical changes and molecular structure.
B. You need to do it with your hand by drawing them with pencil and paper. Try to avoid memorization, go for understanding.
C. Use problems and keep up with the problems. Do not wait until the night before STPM examination.
D. Give yourself time. Minimum 10 hours per week for revision.
E. Avoid superficiality.
F. Avoid rote memorisation of things you do not understand.
G. Test yourself. Never let the teacher be the first to test your knowledge.

Make sure you follow all the steps if you want to score well in STPM Chemistry Examinations or if you intend to pursue a career as an organic chemist. :-)

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