System of Analysis for School Examination (SAPS) for Teachers in Malaysia

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Recently, teachers were asked to assist in the implementation of a new online examination data system called SAPS. However, as many teachers said (as published in many newspapers), the deadline was too near and the system was not working well. So Berry Berry Easy will explain the issue to those not yet in the know based on reports of newspapers.

SAPS for Teachers in Malaysia

System of Analysis for School Examination - SAPS - Malaysia

What: An online exam data system called SAPS – System of Analysis for School Examination
Initial Deadline: 15th August 2011
New Deadline: Unannounced

The issue:

School teachers were requested to key in examination data of school students into the SAPS, an online database system. This is due to the requirements of the Education National Key Result Area (NKRA) initiative.

However, the system has its flaws and has the following technical faults (at the moment):

  • Inaccessible at peak hours
  • Non-user friendly
  • Very slow
  • Resubmission is necessary as network cut-offs connection every now and then

As such, it is unlikely for school teachers to meet the August 15, 2011 deadline imposed.

Proposed Solution from Berry Berry Easy (hopefully it works):

  1. For those who cannot access the site: Access the website at non-peak hours (during school hours or late nights)
  2. For those who do not find it user-friendly: Learn the system from another teacher who has done it.
  3. For those who find it extremely slow: Open the site from a fresh browser and probably clear the cache in advance.
  4. For those who suffered from disconnection issues: Try to use a wired broadband instead of dial-up narrowband modem or wireless solution.

The good news:

Teachers who do not meet the 15 of August 2011 deadline will not be penalised. Although a new deadline has not been announced.

Berry Berry Easy would like to invite all teachers to discuss on this issue? Is the SAPS system useful in the long-term? Should teachers be doing this? Is it better to use an automated system based on available database? We would like to hear from you.

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