No Tips for SPM and STPM 2011 Trials

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Tips for SPM 2011 and STPM 2011 trials will not be available as with all previous years. Berry Berry Easy will only publish tips for the actual SPM 2011 and STPM 2011 examinations. Considering that the SPM and STPM trials are around the corner for most and probably started for a few states, we would like to inform that tips should not be used for the trials. This is due to a couple of reasons which is outlined in the post below. [Real SPM and STPM tips will be out late September-early October 2011 though :-) ]

No Tips for SPM 2011 and STPM 2011 Trials


Berry Berry Easy will not be providing tips for SPM 2011 trials because:

  1. It is better to challenge yourself in the trials to gauge your level of understanding before the read national (SPM/STPM 2011) examinations.
  2. From the results obtained based on your trial examinations, you’ll know where to improve.
  3. There are too many states each with their own papers, so it is impossible to get tips for all states.
  4. The method to obtain the tips for SPM and STPM papers are based on the analysis of this year’s trial papers for all states, so relatively “accurate” tips are possible for the actual SPM and STPM examinations, but not for the state trials.

Please do not bother to find for leaked SPM trials or actual SPM leak questions too. It is considered to be cheating, and you’re only cheating yourselves. It is better to study rather than wasting time searching for “soalan bocor SPM” or “soalan bocor STPM” online. Ramalan SPM or ramalan STPM is acceptable though.

Do be patient for the actual SPM 2011 and STPM 2011 tips and tricks. We intend to expand the number of tips available this year through collaboration with other teachers and experts from more subjects. So be patient for accurate tips.

All the best to you in your SPM 2011 trials and STPM 2011 trials. Do try to score well as trial results are often used to gauge a student’s potential for early college intakes, especially before the actual SPM 2011 results are out.

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