SPM Chemistry Form 5 Notes – Chemicals for Consumers (Part 8 )

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Food stabilisers are typically used in food production to provide a firmer texture to food. It works by stabilising emulsions through the inhibition of reactions between chemicals in food. (It should be noted that they are not true emulsifiers.) This part, Part 8 of notes from Berry Berry Easy on the Form 5 chemistry chapter of Chemicals for Consumers is focussed on the examples of food stabilisers, their functions and typical examples.

[Tips: At SPM Chemistry levels and also general food additives classifications, food antioxidants are classified separately from food stabilisers. Although it can be argued that antioxidants are a subset of food stabilisers. To avoid confusion, you may treat them as separate category with the focus of antioxidants on oxidations and stabilisers on emulsions.]

SPM Chemistry Form 5 Notes – Chemicals for Consumers (Part 8 )

Grapeseed Oil Nutritional Information

Food Additives

D. Stabilisers


  • prevent an emulsion from separating out


Stabilisers Functions Example
Monoglycerides of fatty acids Mix oil and water Ice-cream, chewing gum, beverages, whipped topping and margarine
Acacia gum Mix two liquids that do not mix together. Forms an emulsion. Marshmallow, gumdrop, edible glitter, carbonated drink syrup & gummy candies
Lecithin Reduces viscosity. Replaces more expensive ingredients. Controls sugar crystallisation and the flow properties of chocolate. Helps in the homogeneous mixing of ingredients. Uses as a coating. Margarine, dough, candy bar & cocoa powder
Gelatin Mixture of peptides and proteins of collagen extracted from the boiled bones, connective tissues, organs and some intestines of animals Fruit jam, jelly babies, shells of pharmaceutical capsules, margarine & yogurt

This marks the end of this post. In the next post, Part 9 of Chemicals for Consumers for SPM Chemistry by Berry Berry Easy will be on the food additives subcategory of food thickeners. Do stay tuned. :-)

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