SPM Chemistry 2011 – Extra Tips and Predictions for Papers 4541/3

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Tips and Hints for SPM Chemistry 2011 Paper 3 from Berry Berry Easy is finally out too, for the first time in our history. Students usually find it very difficult as there are too many potential experiments that students can be tested on. Worry no longer and read the extra tips and predictions for SPM 2011 Chemistry Paper 3. Before heading on to the examination tips and predictions, you may also visit the answering techniques for paper 3 at http://berryberryeasy.com/2010/11/spm-chemistry-2010-extra-tips-paper-3-planning-of-experiment/

So do share this tips with all your friends. Try to also study all experiments if you have the time, having predictions should not be an excuse to skip revision for the more difficult experiments. The more you study, the more likely you can score in your exams.

SPM Chemistry 2011 – Extra Tips and Predictions for Papers 4541/3

Students are encouraged to go through all these experiments and familiarised with PEKA experiments. The following links are constructive PEKA study guide.  The list of past year SPM topics are given below:

SPM 2003 (Paper 3)

SPM 2004 (Paper 3)

SPM 2005 (Paper 3)

SPM 2006 (Paper 3)

SPM 2007 (Paper 3)

SPM 2008 (Paper 3)

SPM 2009 (Paper 3)

SPM 2010 (Paper 3)

SPM 2011 (Paper 3)

Hot Tips

Form 4

  • Chapter 4 Periodic Table of Elements
  • Chapter 6 Electrochemistry
  • Chapter 7 Acids and Bases
  • Chapter 8 Salts
  • Chapter 9 Manufactured Substances in Industry

Form 5

  • Chapter 1 Rate of Reaction -
  • Chapter 3 Oxidation and Reduction
  • Chapter 4 Thermochemistry



Year Structured Question Essay Question (Plan an experiment)
  • Q1 Periodic Table of Elements – Reactivity of Group 1 elements with water
  • Q2 Acids and Bases
Q3 Rate of reaction – Catalyst
  • Q1 Electrochemistry – Electrolysis
  • Q2 Rate of Reaction between marble chips and HCl
Q3 Acids and Bases – Relationship between the concentration of nitric acid and pH value
2008 Q1 Coagulation of latex Q2 Reactivity of Group 1 elements with water
2007 Q1 Heat of neutralization Q2 Electrochemical series – Potential difference
2006 Q1 Heat of neutralization Q2 Strength of unvulcanised and vulcanised rubber
  • Q1 Freezing point of naphthalene
  • Q2 Electrochemical series
  • Q3 Hardness of alloy /
  • Q3 Rate of reaction – Concentration
  • Q1 Empirical formula of MgO
  • Q2 Reactivity series of metal with oxygen
Q3 Esterification
  • Q1 Rate of reaction – Temperature
  • Q2 Salts – Continuous variation method
  • Q3 Alloy: Hardness /
  • Q3 Alloy: Rust resistance

Berry Berry Easy wishes all SPM 2011 Chemistry candidates good luck. Please share this tips with your friends and return credits (with links) to Berry Berry Easy if you wish to share them in your blogs. :-)

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