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Want to download real SPM past year papers? Look no further than the links presented below in Berry Berry Easy. It has everything you will probably need and most importantly linkage to the original sources too. So wait no longer, start downloading and get cracking with your work. :-)

Actual SPM Examination Papers Download List

Real SPM Past-Year Papers

Real SPM 2010 Paper (from Pusat Maklumat Rakyat (PMR) –
Subject Paper Type Link Source
Additional Science 1 Q Additional Science P1 – Questions [1]
Additional Science 2 Q Additional Science P2 – Questions [1]
Additional Science 3 Q Additional Science P3 – Questions [1]
Applied Science 1 Q Applied Science P1 – Questions [1]
Applied Science 2 Q Applied Science P2 – Questions [1]
Bahasa Cina 1 Q Bahasa Cina P1 – Questions [1]
Bahasa Cina 2 Q Bahasa Cina P2 – Questions [1]
Bahasa Melayu 1 Q Bahasa Melayu P1 – Questions /Bahasa Melayu P1 – Questions (Alternative link) [1]
Bahasa Melayu 2 Q Bahasa Melayu P2 – QuestionsBahasa Melayu P2 – Questions (Alternative link) [1]
Biology 1 Q Biology P1 – Questions [1]
Biology 2 Q Biology P2 – Questions [1]
Biology 3 Q Biology P3 – Questions [1]
Chemistry 1 Q Chemistry P1 – Questions [1]
Chemistry 2 Q Chemistry P2 – Questions [1]
Chemistry 3 Q Chemistry P3 – Questions [1]
English for Science and Technology (EST) 1 Q EST P1 – Questions [1]
English for Science and Technology (EST) 2 Q EST P2 – Questions [1]
Mathematics 1U Q Mathematics P1 Ulangan – QuestionsMathematics P1 Ulangan – Questions (Alternative link) [1]
Mathematics 2 Q Mathematics P2 – QuestionsMathematics P2 – Questions (Alternative link) [1]
Pendidikan Al-Quran & Sunnah 1 Q Pendidikan Al-Quran & Sunnah P1 – Questions [1]
Pendidikan Syari’ah Islamiah 1 Q Pendidikan Syari’ah Islamiah P1 – Questions [1]
Pendidikan Syari’ah Islamiah 2 Q Pendidikan Syari’ah Islamiah P2 – Questions [1]
Pengetahuan Sains Sukan 2 Q Pengetahuan Sains Sukan P2 – Questions [1]
Physics 2 Q Physics P2 – Questions [1]
Physics 3 Q Physics P3 – Questions [1]
Tasawwur Islam 1 Q Tasawwur Islam P1 – Questions [1]
Tasawwur Islam 2 Q Tasawwur Islam P1 – Questions [1]


Please also visit the original sources, there might be updates there.

Sources Link Original Source
[1] Pusat Maklumat Rakyat (PMR)


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