STPM Chemistry 2011 – Tips and Predictions for Papers 962/1 and 962/2

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Tips for STPM 2011 Chemistry is out. In this examination prediction by Berry Berry Easy, you will not find any “soalan bocor” (leaked examination questions) but instead find predicted topics (topik ramalan) for the STPM Chemistry Paper 962 subject. It is highly recommended that Berry Readers do not read the examination tips supplied below if you have not completed at least one full cycle of your revision plan. The tips should only be used as a last-gasp measure to focus on the expected important chapters/topics in STPM Chemistry for 2011. So make sure that you have revised the entire STPM Chemistry syllabus before looking at the tips or predicted chapters below.

For those who have been searching for examination tips or leaked questions for STPM Chemistry 2011, make sure that you understand that there are definitely not any 100% tepat tips or soalan bocor which will appear in the actual STPM Chemistry examinations. It is really better to study properly. So don’t be tricked into paying for examination tips where what you’ll be getting is just exercises or mock questions. If you need any tips, you can get it free on the Internet, or just get it here at Berry Berry Easy.

Do also take note of the * and ** symbols which denote likely trends in STPM exams and berry hot topics for STPM 2011, repectively. You won’t want to miss those in your revision plan. For Paper 2 (where the tips is more crucial), students should (at minimum) read up on electronic structures of atoms, chemical bonding, equilibria, thermochemistry, carbonyl compounds, carboxylic derivatives,  amines, amino acids and proteins, d-Block elements and Group 14.

(Notes for some of the chapters can be found here in the Berry Notes section. Please make sure that you understand everything about these chapters. Feel free to bookmark the notes section and inform your friends who might also benefit from the resources provided.)

STPM Chemistry 2011 – Tips and Predictions for Papers 962/1 and 962/2

Prediction for STPM Chemistry 2011 Paper 962/1

There are fifty questions in this paper. It is consisting 30% of the Chemistry paper. Students need to answer all questions. Marks will not be deducted for wrong answers.

Physical Chemistry

  1. Chemical Bonding (2 – 5 questions / average ~ 3 questions).
  2. Equilibria: Chemical Equilibrium, Ionic Equilibrium and Phase Equilibrium* (7 – 10 questions / average ~ 8 questions). In recent years (2005 -2010), this has become a BIT that you must fully understand it. Usually involves sketch graphs, calculations and chemistry concepts.
  3. Electrochemistry (2 – 4 questions / average ~ 3 questions)

Organic Chemistry

  1. Hydrocarbon* (2 – 5 questions / average ~ 4 questions)
  2. Hydroxy Compounds (2 – 3 questions / average ~ 2 questions)
  3. Polymer* (1 – 3 questions / average ~ 2 questions)

Inorganic Chemistry

  1. Group 14: C, Si, Ge, Sn, Pb*
  2. Group 15: Nitrogen and its Compounds* (2-3 questions / average ~ 2 questions)
  3. d-Block Elements* (2 – 3 questions / average ~ 3 questions)

Next Berry Readers need to revise on the following topics below because these topics usually consist of 1 – 2 questions.

Physical Chemistry

  • Matter
  • Electronic Structure of Atoms*
  • The Periodic Table*
  • Reaction Kinetics

Inorganic Chemistry

  • Group 14: C, Si, Ge, Sn, Pb *
  • Group 17: Cl, Br, I

Organic Chemistry

  • Haloalkanes
  • Carbonyl Compounds
  • Carboxylic Acids Derivatives
  • Amino Acids and Proteins

* Important topics that has shown steady upward trend in appearance in STPM.

Prediction for STPM Chemistry 2011 Paper 962/2

There are two sections (Section A and B) and 60% of the Chemistry paper. In section A, students need to answer all questions. In section B, students need to answer any four questions. Data Booklet will be provided for this paper. Answers may be written in either English or Bahasa Malaysia. It is tough to predict this section because all the topics (Physical, Organic and Inorganic) are evenly distributed! One question is a combination of two to three chapters! Try to be consistent in learning (good learning habit) rather than last minute study. Do remember to go through all the organic chemical equations and it would be very handy for you!

Physical Chemistry

  1. **Electronic Structures of Atoms
  2. **Chemical Bonding
  3. Reaction Kinetics
  4. **Equilibria (Chemical Equilibrium, Ionic Equilibrium and Phase Equilibrium)
  5. Electrochemistry
  6. **Thermochemistry

Organic Chemistry

  1. **Carbonyl Compounds
  2. Carboxylic Acids
  3. **Carboxylic Derivatives
  4. **Amines
  5. **Amino acids and Proteins
  6. Polymer

Inorganic Chemistry

  1. Period 3 & Group 2: Selected Properties
  2. Group 15: Nitrogen and its Compounds
  3. **d-Block Elements
  4. **Group 14: C, Si, Ge, Sn, Pb

**Berry Hot Topics for STPM 2011

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