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Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) 2011 results is out since the 17th of November 2011. Good results were obtained in general and this year’s UPSR results are recognised as the best of the past four years (2008-2011). Berry Berry Easy would like to summarise pieces of news regarding UPSR 2011 results announcement.

Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah 2011 (UPSR 2011) Results Overview


What: Results announcement for UPSR 2011
When: 17th November 2011

News Summary:


  • UPSR 2011 candidates scored the best results overall in the 2008-2011 period.
  • A total of 485,160 candidates took UPSR 2011.
  • This is based on the Average National Grade (GPN) of all the candidates in UPSR 2011.
  • Straight As scorers for UPSR 2011 numbered 46,012 candidates. This translates to 9.48% of all candidates.
  • By percentage, the number of straight As scorers is reduced from 10.02% in UPSR 2010 to 9.48% in UPSR 2011.
  • 269,021 UPSR 2011 candidates scored at least Grade C. This figure excludes the straight As scorers.
  • For UPSR 2011 candidates who achieved grades below minimum achievement (Grades D and/or E), the percentage has decreased from 3.39% for UPSR 2010 to 2.88% for UPSR 2011.

Rural-Urban Gap

  • The rural-urban UPSR performance gap has narrowed in UPSR 2011.
  • Higher percentage of rural UPSR candidates scored a minimum Grade C as compared with urban UPSR candidates.
  • The percentage of rural students who scored below the minimum achievements has also decreased.
  • Among factor cited to have contributed to this narrowing rural-urban gap is the School Improvement Programme (SIP).

Individual Subjects

  • The Average Subject Grade (GPMP) for Science dropped by 0.03 in UPSR 2011. For UPSR 2010, the GPMP for Science was 2.27, while it is 2.30 for UPSR 2011.
  • For Mathematics in UPSR 2011, the number of As scorers dropped by 0.3%. Although candidates who at least scored Grade C increased by 0.9%.


  • In Johor, 5,753 candidates out of the total 58,923 UPSR 2011 candidates scored straight As. This represents 9.76% of the total candidates scoring straight As in UPSR 2011.
  • In Penang, out of 24,874 UPSR 2011 candidates, 2,652 Standard Six pupils scored straight As (5-7 As). This represented 10.66% of all students scoring excellent results.
  • In Perak, 3,883 out of 41,446 Standard Six pupils who sat for the UPSR 2011 examinations scored straight As. This represented 9.37% of all pupils garnering straight As.

Checking UPSR Results via SMS

  • Key in the UPSR Candidate’s number (angka giliran) and send it to 15888.
  • The service is only available between 10am, 17th November 2011 and 12am, 23rd November 2011.

What do all Berry Readers have to say about the UPSR 2011 results? No controversies this year, it seemed. :-)

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