SPM Chemistry Form 5 Notes – Chemicals for Consumers (Part 11)

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This post is from the series of Chemical for Consumers for SPM Form 5 Chemistry by Berry Berry EasyPart 11 of the notes provide Form 5 students on traditional medicine about characteristics and its uses.

Folk medicine or traditional medicine comprises knowledge that developed over generations. This practice known as traditional medicine such as herbal, Islamic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and etc.. Traditional medicines has become widely used and recognised after many researches have been carried out by universities and companies. It is also known as complimentary or alternative medicines.

Traditional Medicines

Traditional Medicines

SPM Chemistry Form 5 Notes – Chemicals for Consumers (Part 11)


A. Traditional medicine

Source: living thing – animals, plants & minerals

Source Characteristics Uses
Garlic To treat colds and asthma, lowers the blood pressure, antibiotics Eaten raw or cooked
Cocaine Anaesthetic Drug is processed from the leave
Ginseng Strengthen the body Boiled with water to produce juice
Quinine Treat malaria Produced from the bark
Ginger Treat stomach ache, treat diarrhea, prevent flu Boiled with water to produce juice
Peppermint Increase the body metabolism, treat nausea, indigestion and flu, to treat headaches, muscles and nerve pain Boiled with water to produce juice or taken in capsule
Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali) Treat wounds, relieve headaches, to lower the body temperature, increase male virility Dried and boiled with water to produce juice, served as a hot drink / beverage or made into tablets / capsules
Tamarind (Asam Jawa) Reduce malaria fever, reduce cough, medicine for gastric problem Dried and served as a cold drink
Lemon grass (Serai) Mosquito repellent, treat cough, headaches and stomach aches Made into juice
Centella asiatica (Daun pegaga) Help maintain youthfulness, relieve hypertension, aid wound healing Eaten raw or made into juice
Green tea Prevent breast, stomach and skin cancers, improve mental alertness, lower the cholesterol levels Drink as beverage
Aloe vera (Lidah buaya) Heal wounds and skin disease, laxative, treat diabetes, osteoarthritis and sunburn Eaten cooked or leaves produce juice and rub on body

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