SPM Chemistry Form 5 Notes – Chemicals for Consumers (Part 12)

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The SPM Form 5 students will need to study the Chemicals for Consumer as the most important chapter in Chemistry. Berry Berry Easy would like to present you the Modern Medicine. This subtopic is one of the frequently asked subtopic in Form 5 SPM Chemistry. Medicine is an applied science or practices that has been carried out throughout many century. Have any students wondered about the history, sources and the side effect of Modern Medicines? Berry Berry Easy has all the answer for these questions. Modern Medicines is actually about the development of medicine and in the history, the one of the most important character in the Islamic Golden Age, modern medicines is Avicenna (Ibn Sina) who has been called the “Father of Medicine”.  In his famous works, he provides a complete system of medicine.

SPM Chemistry Form 5 Notes – Chemicals for Consumers (Part 12)

Modern Medicines

Modern Medicines


B. Modern medicine

Source: synthesised by scientists

I. Analgesics

Common analgesics Uses Side effect
Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) (cannot be given to pregnant mother and children) Relieve pain, reduce inflammation, reduce ability of blood to clot Stomach (internal) bleeding, kidney damage, ulceration
Paracetamol (can be given to children) Relieve mild to moderate pain, does not irritate stomach or cause internal bleeding Skin rashes, blood disorders, acute inflammation of the pancreas, liver damage (overdose)
Codeine (synthesised from morphine / opium) Relieve headache and used in cough medicines Drowsiness, irregular heartbeat, hallucination, lead addiction, depression and nausea

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