Ng Jo-Han

Berry Berry Jenius – Dr Ng Jo-Han (General)

Ng Jo-Han

Ng Jo-Han (photo to be changed)

Berry Berry Jenius (spelt in this way on purpose), also known as Ng Jo-Han, is formerly a student from SMK Dato’ Jaafar (year 1995-2000). (He uses Jenius instead of Genius to emphasise the fact that he is not a Genius) Currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in the field of engineering. He is currently a lecturer in the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus in Nusajaya. He will be contributing to the website on issues such as:

  • higher education studies
  • college/university student life
  • career choices
  • personal experiences

You may forward any questions regarding the above issues to him from the “Contact Form” or “Berry Bising” box. He will be posting on issues which concern you based on the feedback received. So feel free to submit questions regarding life after secondary school to him, he will try his best to answer all your queries.