Berry Friends

Berry Berry Easy focuses mainly on education resources to help students (and parents + teachers), with some food recipes and personal feelings thrown in for good measures. This combination is good as

“Knowledge is food for the brain, and food gives you the energy to gain knowledge.” – Berry Berry Teacher

However, focusing only on those topics are equivalent to wasting all the other good resources available online. So Berry Berry Easy would also like to introduce to our Berries (readers) some of the other non-academic sites which should serve as an inspiration or purely as a good read.

Feel free to help me expand this list by recommending me your site if you think your site meets the criteria. The sites are arranged by categories:

Arts and Design:

  • Inside House88kends Art Blog by Kendrick (A talented young artist who specialises in computer graphic designs. You would want to be his good friend as he does sweet dedications to his friends with his designs. Berry Berry Easy hopes to use his designs (Royalty-free, of course :-P ). So do drop by if you want to look at his creations.)


  • Short Square’s Study Guide by Yvonne Choo (A site for young students by a young student. Do visit her site if you want some ‘fantabulous’ notes which she made on her own. Definitely a must-print set of notes to be used for your own revision. So do drop by her site to utilise all the resources available. If you like her work, let her know by joining her study group on Facebook too.)