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World Cup Predictor Mathematical Model

26 June 2010

Berry Berry Jenius of Berry Berry Easy would like to showcase a fun (meaning: not to be taken too seriously) and non-scientific (meaning: it comes from his head) manner of predicting World Cup results (overall and individual matches). It attempts to use pseudo-scientific manner to look at the art of prediction. Better to use a [...]

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STPM – General Tips and Strategies – for Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and General Paper

18 December 2009

With the STPM 2009 becoming past tense, let us all get ready for STPM 2010 and beyond. There’s nothing better than to start afresh and learn all the tips and strategies for STPM Mathematics, STPM Chemistry, STPM Biology and STPM General Paper. (This base article is contributed by a Berry Contributor who would like to [...]

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How to Study

2 December 2009

This article is written to help students who have difficulty in learning. The learning method is not necessarily good so you should choose what best suits you. Hopefully some of you find it useful. How to Study – by Don Frank Most students tend to believe that doing many exercises would help them understand something [...]

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Don’t Pay for Exams Tips – Get it for Free from BerryBerryEasy

28 November 2009

It has come to my notice that there are exams tips for sales all over the internet. Some are extremely popular based on the testimonial sheet on their website. Some require you to part with all your parent’s or your own hard-earned money so that you can get their tips. Imagine paying few hundred Ringgit [...]

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10 Things to Do on SPM/STPM Examination Day

17 November 2009

Dear students who are taking STPM and SPM in the year 2009, Berry Berry Easy wants to wish all of you “Best of luck for your exams”. Not wanting to take up your precious time, so we will be just reminding you all on 10 pointers before you head for the exam hall (things you [...]

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