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PTPTN Loans Conversion to the Islamic Loan System of Ujrah

19 September 2011

For PTPTN loan holders who are repaying the loans now. Do make sure that you are aware of the possibility to convert to the syariah-compliant methods of financing the scheme through the Ujrah system, which can have great potential savings. Berry Berry Easy will briefly describe it here, the deadline for now is 30th September [...]

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SPM Chemistry Experiment Photo – by Cikgu Nicola Yong (aka Nico Bella)

6 November 2010

Berry Berry Easy has been overwhelmed by requests for photos of experiments conducted in SPM level for all science subjects. Due to limited resource, we could only produce limited amount of write-up for experiments. However, we have a good recommendation to share with all if any Berry Readers are looking for SPM Chemistry Experiment photos. [...]

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Joshuatly @ – An Education Blog Not to be Missed

28 October 2010

Berry Berry Easy would like to recommend to all Berry Readers an absolutely wonderful (and popular) education blog called done no other than Joshuatly himself. (Admittedly, like many of his readers, we too are curious about what tly at the end means. So it means “Tee Lien Yu” ) Great Malaysia Education Blog – [...]

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Engineering – Malaysia Public University Cut-off Point for Engineering Courses (2010)

25 March 2010

BerryBerryEasy has posted few days back on the impending deadline for university application for STPM/STAM/SPM (and Matrikulation) students, which is 30th of March 2010. There has been demand via emails and contact forms for the cut-off points for Engineering courses. (Seemed like students applying for other courses have already submitted their forms or engineering is [...]

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Berry Berry Easy Upcoming Education Events 2010 – Overseas

7 March 2010

Ever dreamt of going overseas to study? But brush away the idea from your head thinking that you cannot afford it? Well, get that thinking off your head and start thinking positively. Go attend education fairs, there will be scholarships on offer. Some waives application fee. You’ll even get goodie bags. So, all school leavers [...]

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Berry Berry SPM Chemistry Booklist

29 January 2010

Attention to all Form 4 SPM Chemistry students. If you have not purchase any revision books, maybe this is a good time to be considering them. However, the million dollar question remains, “Which books should I buy?”. Fret not, because Berry Berry Teacher will be announcing the list of few important and useful books for [...]

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Berry Berry Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Booklist Form 6

17 January 2010

This is part 2 of the recommended important books for STPM Chemistry Form 6. The following books are equally good as those recommended previously, but for organic and inorganic chemistry. This set of books are a mix of new and out-of-print books. (For those that are out of print, you can probably find them in [...]

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Berry Berry Physical Chemistry Booklist Form 6

12 January 2010

Too much to study and too little time? This is the problem facing nearly every student. Sometimes, there are just too many books on the market. Even if money isn’t a problem, there is still an issue of not having the time to devour all the available books. Hence, came a question from one of [...]

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