Matriculation Application for SPM Holders

4 May 2011

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) candidates from 2010 (who obtained their results in 2011) can now check the status of their matriculation programme application. If you have applied for it, do check it as soon as possible as appeal must be made before 13 May 2011. So Berry Berry Easy would like to advise all students [...]

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Semak Keputusan Penempatan Matrikulasi Sesi 2011-2012

29 April 2011

Calon Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) tahun 2010 (yang memperoleh keputusan mereka pada tahun 2011) kini boleh menyemak status penempatan program matrikulasi sesi 2011/2012. Semak Keputusan Penempatan Calon Program Matrikulasi Sesi 2011/2012 Ada tiga cara untuk menyemak keputusan aplikasi anda: 1) Semak Penempatan Matrikulasi Sesi 2011/2012 Online/Laman Web Lawat laman web rasmi Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (KPM) di<> atau secara langsung di<>. Anda akan perlu menaipkan angka giliran SPM atau nombor kad pengenalan di dalam kotak [...]

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Study in Kyoto University

11 May 2010

Ever thought of studying in Japan after your STPM or UEC? Dream no longer and get on in the action of applying for a place in Kyoto University? Berry Berry Easy had the fortunate luck to be spotted by a Malaysian lecturer in Kyoto University by the name of Eddie Puay who has resided in [...]

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Engineering – Malaysia Public University Cut-off Point for Engineering Courses (2010)

25 March 2010

BerryBerryEasy has posted few days back on the impending deadline for university application for STPM/STAM/SPM (and Matrikulation) students, which is 30th of March 2010. There has been demand via emails and contact forms for the cut-off points for Engineering courses. (Seemed like students applying for other courses have already submitted their forms or engineering is [...]

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Malaysia Public University (IPTA) Application 2010

22 March 2010

Attention: The deadline for the application of public varsities slots is approaching.  It’s just a week away. So for those who prefer to do things last minute, Berry Berry Easy would like to remind you all to submit your application before 30th of March 2010. Malaysia Public University (IPTA) Application 2010 The Higher Education Department [...]

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Co-curriculum Marks for STPM/Form 6 leaver

3 March 2010

Attention to all STPM leavers. This is an important post regarding your co-curriculum marks, which are especially important if you are applying for public universities in Malaysia. Since many students of the Berry Berry Teacher is asking this question, it is better for Berry Berry Easy to clarify this matter. Attention: Clarification on Form 6/STPM [...]

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