Berry Berry Teacher

Teacher’s Day 2011 – Tema Hari Guru 2011

28 April 2011

Since this site, Berry Berry Easy is maintained by the Berry Berry Teacher and a host of other educators, it won’t be any surprise that we would consider Teacher’s Day 2011 as one of the day for us to mark in our calendars. As usual with every year, there will be a theme (or tema) [...]

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Berry Berry Easy Scholarship 2010 – SPM Trial for Chemistry

6 March 2011

In a bid to further contribute to society, the minute profits from Berry Berry Easy (or we call it leftovers from the formula of : Gross Profit – Reinvestment = Leftover) were redistributed back to the society via students who performed exceptionally well in their SPM trials (Chemistry). So this post will show the 7 [...]

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Berry Event No.1 – National Robotics Competition (NRC) 2010 – Zone H : Johor State Level

12 July 2010

[This is the inaugural post of the new Berry Berry Easy category called Berry Event. Posts from this category is dedicated to the student-related events which team members from Berry Berry Easy participated or were invited to cover the event. Yeah, you heard us right! You may invite us to cover your student-related event if [...]

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