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Berry Event No. 4 – Educational Trip – Johor Bahru Chinese Heritage Museum, Bazaar Johor Bahru and Charity Work

4 March 2011

Students typically have a mindset that they are too young to make a difference to society. If you are a Berry Reader who has this mindset, don’t and please change. Of course, students no matter how young can still make a difference, especially if you unite as one and work in a large group. The [...]

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Berry Event No. 3 – Effective Chemistry Practical Course Johor 2010 (Kursus Amali Berkesan Kimia Johor 2010) – Johor Bahru : Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Johor

27 February 2011

Ever wondered how teachers get so adept at conducting experiments in schools? Actually teachers are always sent for trainings to improve the quality and effectiveness of their teaching standards.So this post (Berry Event No.3) is exactly about one of the training sessions for teachers, and in this case about how teachers getting their hands dirty [...]

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Berry Event No.1 – National Robotics Competition (NRC) 2010 – Zone H : Johor State Level

12 July 2010

[This is the inaugural post of the new Berry Berry Easy category called Berry Event. Posts from this category is dedicated to the student-related events which team members from Berry Berry Easy participated or were invited to cover the event. Yeah, you heard us right! You may invite us to cover your student-related event if [...]

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