STPM – General Tips and Strategies – for Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and General Paper

18 December 2009

With the STPM 2009 becoming past tense, let us all get ready for STPM 2010 and beyond. There’s nothing better than to start afresh and learn all the tips and strategies for STPM Mathematics, STPM Chemistry, STPM Biology and STPM General Paper. (This base article is contributed by a Berry Contributor who would like to [...]

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SPM/STPM 2009 Tips and Predictions Availability

5 December 2009

Berry Berry Teacher has received numerous e-mail regarding the request for tips and predictions for various SPM and STPM subjects.  It has become a bit impossible to be replying each and everyone personally, hence the availability of tips and predictions for SPM and STPM 2009 will be posted on BerryBerryEasy once and for all for [...]

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How to Study

2 December 2009

This article is written to help students who have difficulty in learning. The learning method is not necessarily good so you should choose what best suits you. Hopefully some of you find it useful. How to Study – by Don Frank Most students tend to believe that doing many exercises would help them understand something [...]

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