Confirmed Abolishment of PPSMI

6 November 2011

While this is not breaking news, but the PPSMI (Teaching of Science and Maths in English) is confirmed to be abolished. This was announced by the Education Ministry. However, there’s a few other important details which would be of interest to all school-going students. Berry Berry Easy would like to highlight some of the more [...]

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SPM Bahasa Inggeris Akan Dijadikan Subjek Wajib Lulus

22 September 2011

Seperti pengumuman beberapa bulan yang lepas mengenai subjek SPM Sejarah yang dibuat wajib lulus untuk mendapat sijil SPM, SPM Bahasa Inggeris juga akan dibuat sebagai subjek wajib lulus pada masa akan datang. Berry Berry Easy membawa ringkasan berita yang dilaporkan. Bahasa Inggeris Dijadikan Subjek “Wajib Lulus” dalam Peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) Apa: Kertas bahasa [...]

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English as Compulsory Pass Subject in SPM

14 September 2011

Similar to the confirmed announcement that Sejarah (History) will be made a “compulsory pass” subject in SPM in the future, English will soon follow its footstep. Berry Berry Easy brings you a summary of the reported news. English to be Made a “Compulsory Pass” Subject in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) Examinations What: The English [...]

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