SPM Chemistry Form 4 Notes – Salts (Part 2)

27 June 2012

The chapter Salts is an crucial part in SPM Chemistry Form 4 Notes for SPM Chemistry students. Salts form from the reaction between an acid and a base. Salts have different solubility and mainly are insoluble salts, sparingly soluble salts and soluble salts. All salts of sodium, ammonium, pottasium (SAP), most of the sulphate and all nitrate [...]

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SPM Chemistry Form 4 Notes – Salts (Part 1)

21 June 2012

Salts is a continuity chapter from the Acids and Bases in SPM Chemistry Form 4 Notes.  Salts  are ionic compound that formed from the neutralisation from an acid and bases. There are many variety of salts can be formed and present in an ionic compound.  So in this Part 1 post, Berry Berry Easy would like to introduce [...]

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