Happy Chinese New Year 2011

2 February 2011

All of us at Berry Berry Easy would like to wish all Berry Readers a very Happy Chinese New Year Happy Chinese New Year 2011 – Rabbit Gong Xi Fa Cai to all Berry Readers especially readers who are celebrating this festive season. If you are not celebrating, it will be nice to join in [...]

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STPM Chemistry Form 6 Notes – Terminology and Concepts: Matter

19 May 2010

For some inexplicable reasons, a small percentage of Form 6 students seemed to struggle initially with the concept of matter (The larger percentage tend to understand this intuitively) This is despite being exposed to it in SPM-level physics and chemistry. When the Berry Berry Teacher questioned her previous batches of students why they find it [...]

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10 Things to Do on SPM/STPM Examination Day

17 November 2009

Dear students who are taking STPM and SPM in the year 2009, Berry Berry Easy wants to wish all of you “Best of luck for your exams”. Not wanting to take up your precious time, so we will be just reminding you all on 10 pointers before you head for the exam hall (things you [...]

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