New Format for SPM Sejarah 2013

28 September 2011

Starting from the year 2013, SPM Sejarah will be made a compulsory-pass subject in order to get the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) certificate. The other subject being Bahasa Melayu and in the future, probably English Language too. So what is the new SPM Sejarah Format which will start in 2013? Berry Berry Easy summarises all [...]

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SPM Sejarah 2013 – Compulsory Subject for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia

28 October 2010

Berry Berry Easy wishes to update all teachers, parents and Berry Readers (who are currently Form 2 or younger) on the latest development on the issue of SPM Sejarah as a compulsory subject for SPM 2013. SPM Sejarah (History) 2013 – SPM Compulsory Subject In an announcement made in late October 2010 by Education Minister [...]

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