Johor Bahru

Berry Event No. 4 – Educational Trip – Johor Bahru Chinese Heritage Museum, Bazaar Johor Bahru and Charity Work

4 March 2011

Students typically have a mindset that they are too young to make a difference to society. If you are a Berry Reader who has this mindset, don’t and please change. Of course, students no matter how young can still make a difference, especially if you unite as one and work in a large group. The [...]

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STPM Form 6 Academic Grading System (Johor Bahru District)

27 August 2010

Seeing that STPM examinations for the academic year of 2010 is quickly approaching, there are three questions/requests that are in abundance by our Berry Readers. They are namely: STPM 2010 Tips STPM 2010 Trial papers/ or other past year papers STPM 2010 Grading system The first request will come soon enough but will not be [...]

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List of Form 6 Schools in the Pasir Gudang District (2010)

9 May 2010

One of the biggest problem with ‘districts’ is that the conventional district that we know (based on our address) are different from the ‘education zone districts’. Johor Bahru for example are divided into Johor Bahru and Pasir Gudang. Typically, Pasir Gudang will be considered as part or outskirts of JB, but it is not for [...]

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Top STPM/Form 6 School in Johor Bahru

27 March 2010

[This post is also considered to be "STPM Results 2009 on 25th February 2010 – The Summary Part 3: Johor Bahru's Schools Performances in STPM 2009" ] Which school to enter? This is the usual question that a SPM leaver would like to ask. Some would say that they want to enter college or vocational [...]

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List of Form 6 Schools in the Johor Bahru District (2010)

26 January 2010

For Berry Readers who are in or will be studying Form 6 STPM in Johor Bahru, this post might be of interest to you. Some students have wrote in to request for the list Form 6 schools in Johor Bahru. So the list of science stream and art stream form 6 schools are as follow: [...]

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