SPM Chemistry Form 5 Notes – Terminology and Concepts: Oxidation and Reduction (Part 5)

5 August 2010

Reactivity Electrochemical series!!! It is one of the most memorable thing to memorise in the whole of secondary school chemistry. (The Berry Berry Teacher will bet that 10-20 years down the road when you are working, you’ll still ask your former classmates if they can still recite the reactivity electrochemical series. So, today’s notes is [...]

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Berry Berry SPM Chemistry Booklist

29 January 2010

Attention to all Form 4 SPM Chemistry students. If you have not purchase any revision books, maybe this is a good time to be considering them. However, the million dollar question remains, “Which books should I buy?”. Fret not, because Berry Berry Teacher will be announcing the list of few important and useful books for [...]

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Berry Berry Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Booklist Form 6

17 January 2010

This is part 2 of the recommended important books for STPM Chemistry Form 6. The following books are equally good as those recommended previously, but for organic and inorganic chemistry. This set of books are a mix of new and out-of-print books. (For those that are out of print, you can probably find them in [...]

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STPM – General Tips and Strategies – for Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and General Paper

18 December 2009

With the STPM 2009 becoming past tense, let us all get ready for STPM 2010 and beyond. There’s nothing better than to start afresh and learn all the tips and strategies for STPM Mathematics, STPM Chemistry, STPM Biology and STPM General Paper. (This base article is contributed by a Berry Contributor who would like to [...]

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Pros and Cons of Studying STPM

12 December 2009

What should I do after SPM? Should I study STPM? – These are the few frequent questions which we get from students be it from face-to-face talk or via e-mails. Pro and Cons of taking STPM Most Young Berries would think whether to take STPM or not. This is one of the major decision that [...]

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Types of Examination Paper : STPM 2009 Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics

27 November 2009

Berry Berry Teacher noticed that students occasionally study too hard, without being overly smart. Of course it is good to be studying hard, but exam paper strategy is equally important. Most students have only one same technique to approach all subjects. It is a bad strategy that will lead to low marks. Berry Berry Teacher [...]

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SUCCESS!!! Berry Berry Easy’s STPM 2009 Biology Paper 2 Prediction Results : 60% minimum for prediction followers

21 November 2009

SUCCESS!!! Berry Berry Easy is pleased to inform that our prediction is highly accurate for STPM 2009 Biology Paper 2 with 60 marks guaranteed for those who used our tips. Unlike other predictions which predicted many chapters, Berry Berry Easy only predicted 10 topics (due to the paper having only 10 questions) and would have [...]

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STPM Biology 2009 – Tips and Predictions for Papers 964/1 and 964/2

14 November 2009

Seeing the popularity of the tips and predictions for “STPM Chemistry 2009“, Berry Berry Easy will also publish the tips and predictions for STPM Biology 2009. (This should reply the numerous e-mails which we receive regarding tips for the Biology paper.) Berry Berry Prediction STPM Biology 964 : Book Volume #1 Paper 1 – 964/1 [...]

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STPM Chemistry 2009 – Tips and Predictions for Papers 962/1 and 962/2

5 November 2009

The most important time of your life in your whole national school career is approaching with the imminent arrival of the STPM examinations. Hence, to help our berry berry faithful readers, Berry Berry Teacher will be sharing some prediction and tips for the upcoming STPM Chemistry 2009 paper. If you are looking to spot possible [...]

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Links to Cikgu Naza and Cikgu Nurul

31 October 2009

Berry Berry Teacher was surfing around the net to look out for like minded teachers with resource sites to help student. So in the midst of surfing the internet, filtering spam sites, identifying good sites and finding the best of the resourse sites for student, I have come across two certified berry good sites which all [...]

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