SPM 2010

Tips for SPM 2011 and STPM 2011

25 September 2011

SPM 2011 tips, STPM 2011 tips and more examination tips and tricks. We have heard your requests and will now provide those tips part by part. In the following links, you will find prediction chapters/topics for SPM 2011 and STPM 2011. We have the “ramalan” for most of the SPM 2011 and STPM 2011 subjects. As with [...]

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Scholarships in Malaysia 2011

4 June 2011

Education scholarships are something most students work towards too. For students who got it, it is usually a means of securing enough money to fund tertiary education while also being a source of pride at the same time. For those who did not get them, usually it represents the end of a dream. Berry Berry [...]

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Conclusion of JPA Scholarship 2011 Issue

2 June 2011

Results for the JPA scholarship 2011 appeal is finally out. Berry Berry Easy would like to help Berry Readers to understand the whole issue by condensing the many news reports about this issue. Basically there are two main outstanding issue unresolved which were recently resolved. So they are: Conclusion of JPA Scholarship 2011 Issue What: [...]

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Peruntukan Biasiswa Luar Negara JPA 2011

28 May 2011

Peruntukan Biasiswa Luar Negara JPA telah menjadi titik pertikaian setiap tahun. Malah, itu tidak perlulah menjadi begitu jikalau peruntukan biasiswa difahami oleh semua. Oleh itu, Berry Berry Easy ingin memberitahu kepada semua pembaca mengenai sistem peruntukan untuk biasiswa luar negara JPA. Walaupun hal ini mungkin bukan maklumat yang baru, tetapi kami masih menerima beberapa pembaca [...]

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JPA Overseas Scholarship Allocation 2011

26 May 2011

JPA overseas scholarship (2011) allocation has been a point of contention (as with other years). Berry Berry Easy wishes to inform Berry Readers on the allocation system for the JPA scholarship. While this might not be new information, but we still have some readers writing in to ask for clarification on the JPA/PSD Scholarship allocation. [...]

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JPA Scholarship Review/Appeal 2011 for SPM 2010 Candidates

20 May 2011

Breaking News!!! For those who are in a limbo of not getting JPA scholarship despite having ‘good enough’ results need to pay attention to this news. Berry Berry Easy will condense the latest news report regarding this issue, so if you are involved, please read this post or if you know a friend who might [...]

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Calon SPM 2010 Yang Dapat 8A+ atau Lebih Baik Dijamin Biasiswa JPA

12 May 2011

Berry Berry Easy ingin menyampaikan berita baik kepada semua calon Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2010 yang mendapat sekurang-kurang 8A+. Pelajar-pelajar yang termasuk dalam kategori ini dijamin mendapat biasiswa JPA. Bacalah artikel yang berikut: Biasiswa JPA Dijamin untuk Calon SPM 2010 Yang Mendapat Sekurang-kurang 8A+ Berita Pelajar dengan 8A + dan ke atas dalam SPM 2010 [...]

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JPA Scholarships Guaranteed for Students with 8A+ and Above

10 May 2011

Good news to all top scorers of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2010. Those who scored very well will be rewarded with a Public Service Department (PSD) scholarship. Students might be more familiar with the name JPA rather than PSD, but they are the same nonetheless. Just in different language. So Berry Berry Easy would like [...]

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Universities in Malaysia 2011/2012 – Over 200,000 Places

4 April 2011

Universities in Malaysia, irrespective of public or private universities have a combined total of over 200,000 places to offer to post-SPM,  post-STPM, post-graduate students who wish to pursue their tertiary education studies in Malaysia. This post from Berry Berry Easy is summarised from The Star for Berry Reader’s viewing pleasures or for those who missed [...]

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The Star Education Fund 2011 Scholarship Awards

29 March 2011

Scholarships! That’s the first thing in a students mind after doing well in exams such as SPM or STPM. Regarding scholarships in Malaysia, not many come close to being as all encompassing as the annual The Star Education Fund with this year’s Scholarship Awards 2011. A total of 29 education institutes are offering scholarships to [...]

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SPM Results 2010 on 23rd March 2011 – The Summary (Part 2)

23 March 2011

With the general summary of SPM 2010 posted at  http://berryberryeasy.com/2011/03/spm-results-2010/, this post is solely on the other stories happening around Malaysia. As with SPM 2009 and eventually SPM 2011, Berry Berry Easy simplifies news reading for you by compiling everything in a simple to read but complete manner. So here are the other stories involving [...]

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SPM Results 2010 on 23rd March 2011 – The Summary

23 March 2011

SPM 2010 Results (Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia) is finally announced by Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran (Education Director-General), Datuk Abdul Ghafar Mahmud. Berry Berry Easy would like to congratulations to all who scored well in the exams and would also like to extend an arm to comfort those who did below their own expectation. Whether good or bad, this [...]

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Check SPM 2010 Results via SMS

23 March 2011

SPM 2010 Results can be checked via SMS for the first time. This is in line with that of STPM 2010 results. This will relieve some anxiety on the part of the results taker. Now Berry Readers can first check their results via sms before heading to school to collect the actual results. No more [...]

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SPM 2010 Results Out on 23rd March 2011

12 March 2011

When will SPM 2010 results come out? This question is probably the question most asked in the entire country for the past month. Speculations put it as 21st February 2011, and it didn’t came true. Similarly, speculation on 28th February 2011 and 10th March 2011 did not come true. Finally, we have an official announcement [...]

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