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It has come to my notice that there are exams tips for sales all over the internet. Some are extremely popular based on the testimonial sheet on their website. Some require you to part with all your parent’s or your own hard-earned money so that you can get their tips. Imagine paying few hundred Ringgit $$$ for tips.

Education should be made free for all, education should be made fair for all, and more importantly, education should not be solely used for monetary gains. It is okay to be earning a living from education, but earning too much from poor students is not the way to go.

So I advise all student NOT to pay for exams tips, if you want it, please get it FREE from our website. Infact, please do not be over-reliant on tips. Despite our site’s 60% accuracy in STPM Biology 2009 Paper 2, I still advise student not to rely on tips. Use it as a guide only.

I’ll list out why you should not pay for tips,

5 Reasons why you should not pay for exams tips:

  1. Tips and predictions for SPM and STPM remained as prediction. There are no guarantee.
  2. Paying hard earned cash do not ensure that tips will be accurate, better donate it to charity.
  3. You have an alternative in BerryBerryEasy for tips (albeit for SPM/STPM 2009, we only have biology and chemistry).
  4. The tips often arrive last minute, so you might not have time to study anyway.
  5. Some predictions just predict everything.

So, I seriously advise all of you student not to pay for exams tips. Please study hard instead, and use BerryBerryEasy tips as guidance. I welcome comparisons of our exams forecast/prediction to any sites selling tips in a fair manner. (My views are mine alone, and not related to BerryBerryEasy) Having said all, good luck to all SPM and STPM 2009 students.

Tips are utterly useless without proper studying and preparation.

by Berry Berry Jenius

PS: Hope to get your opinion on this matter. :)

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November 29, 2009
November 29, 2009

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