STPM Biology 2009 – Tips and Predictions for Papers 964/1 and 964/2

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Seeing the popularity of the tips and predictions for “STPM Chemistry 2009“, Berry Berry Easy will also publish the tips and predictions for STPM Biology 2009. (This should reply the numerous e-mails which we receive regarding tips for the Biology paper.)

Berry Berry Prediction STPM Biology 964 : Book Volume #1

Paper 1 – 964/1

STPM Biology is very different from its chemistry counterpart, therefore Young Berries must use a different technique to score A! In paper 964/1 (Paper 1), all the topics are evenly distributed and there is no way for you to skip any chapters!! (Diferrent from Chemistry 962/1)

Paper 2 – 964/2

However in 964/2 (Paper 2), you actually can predict the Berry Important Topics (BIT)! In Paper 2, you must try to get full answer (full points) for each of the BIT and do a mock self-test by writing it out on a test pad. Read it for a few times and before you enter the examination hall. Why?? So you will have the most freshest Berry Brain!

Berry Important Topics (BIT):

  • Chapter 1 (Basic Chemistry of a Cell)
  • Chapter 3 (Control in cells)
  • Chapter 4 (Photosynthesis)
  • Chapter 7 (Gaseous Exchange)

Not so important topic:

  • Chapter  6 (Nutrition) (Edit: Yachiru Aine highlighted that subtopic on saprophitic nutrition can be important too. So take note of it)

Semi-important topics: There are some topics that are BIT in Paper 1 but not in Paper 2 (totally did not appear in P2 from 2005 to 2007!!).

  • Chapter 2 (Structure of Cells and Organelles)
  • Chapter 11 (Hormone / Chemical Coordination)

Berry Berry Prediction STPM Biology 964 : Book Volume #2

Volume 2 Biology – typically 2 STPM MCQ will appear from every chapter, but still there are some chapters where the average is 1 question.

Chapters with normally least MCQ question:

  • Chapter 4 (Growth)
  • Chapter 10 (Taxonomy)
  • Chapter 13 (Ecosystem)

Not important chapter based on Berry Teacher’s analysis:

  • Chapter 10 (Taxonomy) – hardly appeared in Paper 1 and Paper 2.

STPM Biology Trends between 2006 and 2008 (Berry Berry Important)

Biology started to follow (2006) the Chemistry trend where there questions consist of elements from a variety of chapters. (Meaning, one question could involve more than one chapter) It is promoted as a good way to eliminate question-spotting. This is bad news for those who indulge in last-minute study. Luckily, there is not much changes between 2006 and 2008, so Young Berries still can choose the BIT to study.

Volume 1′s Berry Berry Important Topics (repeating in STPM 964/2):

  • Chapter 2 (Structure of Cells and Organelles)
  • Chapter 4 (Photosynthesis)
  • Chapter 5 (Respiration)
  • Chapter 9 (Homeostasis)
  • Chapter 10 (Nervous System)

Volume 2′s Berry Berry Important Topics (Young Berries must not skip):

  • Chapter 5 (Transmission genetics)
  • Chapter 6 (Mutation)
  • Chapter 9 (Modern genetics technology)
  • Chapter 13 (Ecosystem)
  • Chapter 14 (Quantitative ecology)

Do take notes, these are just prediction based on the STPM 964/2 question frequency, to get a better view, you must refer to the other state trial STPM Biology 964 paper! Also, spotting questions is not encouraged, understanding everything is still a better option. However, for those who still wants to spot questions, you may use this as a guide.

Good luck in your upcoming exams.

(Thanks to Yachiru Aine for pointing out the inadequacies in the earlier post. More feedback is welcomed)

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