STPM 2009 Tips Analysis – Part 1 – Audience Reach : 23.4% of All STPM Science Stream Students in Malaysia Benefitted From Berry Berry Easy’s Tips

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Berry Berry Easy will be publishing a series of analyses regarding its hits and misses on the 2009 STPM Tips. First up, are the audience reach. Berry Berry Easy would like to estimate the number of STPM students benefitted from this humble website. This analyses will be used as a baseline for future references to see if we are growing or not growing. To see if we are serving enough students or not. To see if our efforts are worthwhile, or would there be a better way to serve our students.

So to start things off, we would like to estimate the number of 2009 STPM Chemistry and Biology students served, by % of total STPM students in Malaysia.

STPM 2009 Tips Analysis – Part 1 – Audience Reach

There are 9,079 and 5,343 STPM students who took the subject of chemistry and biology in 2009, respectively. (Source: – Valid as of 22 February 2010)

Top 5 Post as of December 2009 (STPM 2009 season)

Top 5 Post as of December 2009 (STPM 2009 season)


  • Single post – denotes visitors who logged onto a specific post via search engine (this meant that they intended to visit the site)
  • Category – denotes visitors who viewed the specific category of “Berry Super Tips”
  • Archive – denotes visitors who viewed the monthly archive of “November”
  • Home – denotes visitors who viewed the post from the main homepage


Hence, to estimate the number of students who are served by Berry Berry Easy, we have developed a simple formula for the calculation. It is not fool-proof but serves as a rough estimation.

The formula will follow the assumptions:

  • Single post : 1 view = 1 visitor
  • Category : 1 view = 0.25 visitor (because there were 4 possible tips that the reader might be interested at, so 1/4 = weightage of 0.25)
  • Archive : 1 view = 0.045 visitor (need to divide the value by 22, as there were 22 posts in November)
  • Home : 1 view = 0.1 visitor (need to divide by 10, as the homepage displays 10 posts at once)

Extra assumptions:

It is also expected that the following phenomena will cancel out each other (as it is impossible to track)

  • Some readers might print it out for distribution (so actual numbers might be even higher)
  • Some are repeating visitors (the numbers of repeating visitors are rather low – based on Google Analytics tracking, so expected to be negligible effect)
  • Some of the tips are posted in forums and other blogs (so the actual number of readers who benefitted from the tips should be even higher)
  • Some visitors are not STPM students (this will pull down the actual numbers)
  • Some did not use the tips (this will also cause the numbers to be over estimated)

Hence, it is postulated that the aforementioned factors cancel out each other.

Final formula :

Total students benefitted from Berry Super Tips =

=(Single post x 1) + (Category x 0.25) + (Archive X 0.045) + (Home x 0.1)

For STPM 2009 Chemistry

= (1860 x 1) + (890 x 0.25) + (26 x 0.045) + (388 x 0.1) = 2122.47 = 2122 STPM 2009 Chemistry students

For STPM 2009 Biology

= (826 x 1) + (794 x 0.25) + (110 x 0.045) + (890 x 0.1) = 1118.45 = 1118 STPM 2009 Biology students

Percentage students in Malaysia who benefitted from Berry Super Tips

Chemistry : (2122/9079)x100% = 23.4%

Biology: (1118/5343)x100% = 20.9%

Berry Berry Teacher is pleased to inform all readers that, the site has successfully served an estimated 23.4% and 20.9% STPM students in the whole Malaysia who took Chemistry and Biology, respectively. This is quite a happy finding for a new and humble site like Berry Berry Easy

For readers who might have benefitted from 2009′s STPM tips, can you also drop a comment on what you think of Berry Berry Easy’s effort, so that we can improve ourselves. Part 2 of the analysis coming up.

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July 23, 2010

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