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Now that you have made your berry berry big decision of studying in Form 6, you ought to be eager to start your time as a Lower 6 STPM students in your respective schools. However, this raises many questions. Even simple questions as  “what to bring” becomes a headache to you. Don’t worry, BerryBerryEasy is here to guide you on what to do (minimum) to register yourself on registration day. For those who have not received your offer letter, do check with your friends to see if they have gotten it. Make sure you are not left out due to postal errors or other issues. Also, some schools require you to print it online. So do check online too and print the offer letter if possible.

STPM Form 6 (Lower 6) Registration Guide for Year 2010

Typical questions asked (FAQs):

  1. What to bring for the registration?
  2. Do I need to pay on the spot?
  3. Is orientation very important to attend?

The following mini guide will be useful to answer all questions.

1) What to bring for the registration?

  • Offer letter for Form 6 (Surat tawaran)
  • Identity card (Kad pengenalan)
  • Some money for registration and other fees (dependent on school)
  • Some money to buy your respective school’s stationery (some schools make this mandatory)
  • SPM results slip (Slip keputusan SPM)

2) Do I need to pay on the spot?

  • It depends on your respective school. Typically they will not stop you from registering even if you do not bring the money to pay on the spot. But it is a good practice to bring some money along to pay the fees if required. We won’t be writing out how much to bring because the required amount won’t be the same for each schools once you factor in miscellaneous fees.

3) Is orientation very important to attend?

  • Yes, do not skip your orientation session. It should fall on 10-14th May 2010 for most schools. So make sure you attend them because:
  • You can get to know your future classmates before school session starts.
  • You’ll know your way around the school as some schools can be really huge.
  • You can also check out the school’s facilities.
  • In short, do attend your orientation session.
  • For Upper 6 students reading this, please remember that ragging of new lower 6 students is outlawed. Do not ‘bully’ your juniors as this could get you into trouble. So be a nice senior and help your juniors to fit in. A little kindness will go a long way.

If you have any other questions, do drop them as comments. We’ll try to answer and update this registration guide. Do drop by Berry Berry Easy frequently too for notes and tips for STPM.

This is also Berry Berry Easy’s 100th post!!! A big milestone for us. :)

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