Happy Teacher’s Day 2010 – Open Letter by Miss Isabelle Wong to Her Teachers

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This is a special post by the Berry Berry Teacher in conjunction with Teacher’s Day 2010 specially dedicated to her teachers. Without these teachers, there would not have been a Berry Berry Teacher today. In Berry Berry Teacher’s opinion, these teachers are the unsung heroes who would get her votes to be “Tokoh Guru“ every year. So the following is my special open letter to say my thanks to these teachers.

Open Letter by the Berry Berry Teacher – Miss Isabelle Wong on Teacher’s Day 2010

Sekolah Kebangsaan Ayer Molek, Johor Bahru (Primary School)

I studied in a small government school (Sekolah Kebangsaan Ayer Molek, Johor Bahru) and the enrollment during my time was very low. There were only 3 classes in Primary 1. So the relationship between students and teachers are relatively close. To start the ball rolling, I would like to thank my primary class teacher (Cik Noraini) and my Malay Language teacher. She is the first teacher that inspired me to become a teacher. When I was 7 years old, I could not speak nor understand any Malay word. But I picked up the language slowly as she is a very gentle teacher and never scolded any of her students. That encouraged us to study the language in earnest. My classmates and I love her very much. But when I entered standard 2, she got transferred (maybe back to her own hometown). After that, I would like to thank Encik Zainal Abidin for teaching me Mathematics, Malay Language, PJK and as 6 Delima class teacher!

Sekolah Menengah Sultanah Engku Tun Aminah (SETA), Johor Bahru (Secondary School)

My Form 3 Geography Teacher, Madam Chan Siew Mei (Puan Chan). She is the most elegant and prettiest teacher (even now). She is a very dedicated and knowledgeable teacher. My friends and I had always admired her way of teaching and loved the way she talks. She can speak very fluent Malay!

Madam Jenny Pereira (Puan Jenny) was my Form 4 and 5 Chemistry Teacher. She is a very powerful and resourceful Chemistry Teacher. She knows everything and nothing can be hidden from her. I remembered that she told us that if you want to score an A in Chemistry, you must do 10 Chemistry exercises everyday. Her method worked. Must really thank her for getting A in Chemistry!

Madam Lee Geok Eng (Puan Lee) was my Form 4 and 5 Biology Teacher. She was also my form 4 and 5 class teacher. I love her experiments especially dissecting the cockroach and frog! My classmates and I salute her for catching the cockroach with her bare hands when the cockroach is trying to run away!

Madam Raziah Abd. Rahman (Puan Raziah), my Malay language teacher.  I love how the way she explains and describes terminologies and words. She taught us not only the language and also to become a good person.

Madam Woo Sow Peng (Puan Woo), my Additional Mathematics teacher. Additional Mathematics is so tough (at that time)! Nonetheless, she made things easy by teaching us an easier way to understand Mathematics.

Sekolah Menengah Sultan Ismail (SSI), Johor Bahru (Form 6/STPM School)

Next Mr Tan Heng Lai (Henry Tan), my Form 6 Mathematics T (Matematik Tulen). Never give up! He would repeat the whole steps of the solution and never gets frustrated.

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Gajah Berang (GBS), Melaka (As Trainee Teacher)

Puan Chan Suat Yen (Biology Teacher) that helped me during my trainee days in GBS. She is a very resourceful teacher and always willing to share her Biology notes.

Malaya University (University)

To my beloved lecturers (Prof. Madya Dr. Wong Heng Hun, Prof. Dr. Siow Heng Loke, Prof. Dr. Esther, Prof. Dr. Tie Fatt Hie, Mr Lew Tan Sin). These are the lecturers that moulded me as a teacher. Really thank them from the bottom of my heart! They have moulded me to become a first-class, superlative and unbeatable teacher.

My UM Friends aka coursemates

Madam Quake Gek Tin and Miss Lai Pui Kee (Aki Lai) for helping me during my campus life and teaching practical in Malacca!  Miss Tay Ing Ing, Madam Sherry Lee Sheh Wui, Miss Poh Seok Hong, Madam Chong Kum Ying, Madam Sim Joong Hiong, Mr Bong Jiew Chee, Miss Lisa Mei and Miss Tang Poh Ling who were always there to help me.

My Mentors

Mr Lam Chok Sang who always share his opinions and pedagogy in teaching. Madam Eng Mei Ling, Madam Yen Miau Jong, Madam Liew Chee Mooi, Mr Saliman Sapar, Mr Sheikh Ahmad Kamal, Mr Tey Teng Yiaw, Madam Goh San San and Mr Chew Chin Kuen, all my mentors in helping me to improve my Chemistry knowledge and teaching methods.

My Students in GBS 2003 Form 2 & 4, SJK(C) Pandan 2006, English College 2007 Form 2, SDJ 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Form 4, 5, 6

Thanks for my students’ support and attention in class. Hope all my students will achieve their dreams!

Special Thanks to Ng Jo-Han

Mr Ng Jo-Han, my special English Language teacher. His method of teaching English language is the most effective and progressive. My English language command improved within a short period!  His famous words are “Throw you out of the window” when he read my essay in my first English class.

There are so many teachers, friends and students that I want to thank them. Many gazillion thanks!

By Miss Isabelle Wong

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