STPM Biology 2010 – Tips and Predictions for Papers 964/1 and 964/2

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STPM Biology 2010 examination tips or prediction is out. So all Berry Readers can get free topik ramalan (not soalan bocor) for Form 6 biology. For those who have read Berry Berry Easy’s STPM Chemistry 2010 tips previously, you should know the exams tips provided should be only used as a guide to reduce the study scope, and NEVER as the main study plan. So only proceed to check out the tips when you have completed all your studying the whole syllabus for this subject.

Remember that all exams tips available online should not be interpreted as soalan bocor 100% tepat. Since there are no possibility of soalan bocor ever existing, one should not pay any money for any kind of tips. So don’t be fooled to buy tips online, you can get it 100% free from this site.

Berry Readers, take note of the * and ** symbols which signify upward trends in STPM exams and berry hot topics for STPM 2010, repectively. So all chapters appearing below are important, but those with the * and ** symbols are exceptionally important. So for Paper 2 (where the tips is more crucial, but still not as crucial as in chemistry), please read up on Homeostasis, Growth, Mutation, Reproduction, Gene Regulation and Expression, and Ecosystem. (Berry Notes on some of those chapters can be obtained from Berry Berry Easy, so please bookmark the notes section if you want to score well)

STPM Biology 2010 – Tips and Predictions for Papers 964/1 and 964/2

Prediction for STPM Biology 2010 Paper 964/1

In paper 964/1 (Paper 1), all the topics are evenly distributed and there is no way for you to skip any chapters!!

Berry Important Topics (BIT) (every STPM examination: 2 – 4 questions in average):

  • Chapter 1 – Basic Chemistry of a Cell
  • Chapter 2 – Structure of Cells and Organelles
  • Chapter 3 – Control in Cells
  • Chapter 4 – Photosynthesis
  • Chapter 7 – Gaseous Exchange
  • Chapter 8 – *Transport
  • Chapter 9 – Homeostasis
  • Chapter 10 – Nervous System
  • Chapter 11 – *Hormone / Chemical Coordination
  • Chapter 12 – Immunity
  • Chapter 17 – *Mutation
  • Chapter 19 – *Gene Regulation and Expression
  • Chapter 23 – Variation and Theory of Evolution

Not so BIT with normally 1 question in average in MCQ question:

  • Chapter 6 – Nutrition
  • Chapter 14 – *Development
  • Chapter 15 – Growth
  • Chapter 24 – Ecosystem

Not Important (0 or 1 question)

  • Chapter 10 (Taxonomy)

* Important topics that has shown steady upward trend in appearance in STPM.

Prediction for STPM Biology 2010 Paper 964/2

In 964/2 (Paper 2), you actually can predict the Berry Important Topics (BIT)! In Paper 2, you must try to obtain full answer (full points) for each of the BIT and do a mock self-test by writing it out on a test pad. Read it for a few times and before you enter the examination hall. Biology started to follow (2006) the Chemistry trend which there is variety chapter in one question. It is a good way to eliminate students from spotting questions but bad for the last minute study.

Berry Important Topics (BIT)

  • Chapter 1 – Basic Chemistry of a Cell
  • Chapter 3 – *Control in cells
  • Chapter 4 – *Photosynthesis
  • Chapter 5 – *Respiration
  • **Chapter  9 – *Homeostasis
  • Chapter 11 – *Hormone / Chemical Coordination
  • **Chapter 15 – Growth
  • Chapter 16 – *Transmission Genetics
  • **Chapter 17 – *Mutation
  • Chapter  20 – Modern Genetics Technology
  • Chapter 22 – Biodiversity
  • Chapter 25 – *Quantitative Ecology

Semi-Important Topics

  • Chapter 2 – Structure of Cells and Organelles
  • Chapter 12 – Immunity
  • **Chapter  13 – Reproduction
  • Chapter 18 – Population Genetics
  • **Chapter 19 – Gene Regulation and Expression
  • **Chapter 24 – Ecosystem

Not So Important Topic

  • Chapter 6 (Nutrition) (subtopic on saprophitic nutrition can be important too. So take note of it)

Not BIT (0 question) (STPM 2001 – 2009)

  • Chapter 10 (Taxonomy)

* Important topics that has shown steady upward trend in appearance in STPM.
**Berry Hot Topics for STPM 2010

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(Disclaimer: Students really should only use tips as last-minute narrowing of scope to study, after you have done studying everything many times and done all your past-year questions. There are not tips 100% or ramalan tepat, anybody who claim so is obviously not speaking the truth. So do only use this tips as supplementary to your studies and remember not to buy tips from websites online.)

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