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Food intake before exams or nutrition is a very important factor typically overlooked by students when they mug for exams. As such, the Berry Berry Teacher would like to share with all Berry Readers some thoughts on nutrition for SPM and STPM examinations.

This is exceptionally important as good nutrition would aid in giving you peak performance during examinations. On the other hand, eating unhealthily would cause you to perform below optimum level, or worse still, you might even fall sick. So do check out the post below on healthy food to take before exams, together with their functions.

Nutrition Guide for STPM and SPM Examination

What is the best food and drink to take before and during examination?

Berry Berry Teacher recommends some nutritional food to take before and during the examination.

We will start with the recommended food:

  1. Mum’s home-cooked food (The best food to take and you’ll be showered with love)
  2. Wolfberries (Good for the eyes)
  3. Mulberries (Good for the eyes and a lot of people are planting them)
  4. Chrysanthemum Tea without sugar (Not in packet but need to boil it – Good for the eyes)
  5. Vegetables (To keep you healthy and good for the bones – spinach and broccoli)
  6. Fish/Egg (Omega 3 and other mineral to help you to perform well in examination)
  7. Fish Oil (Good for your lungs and skin)
  8. B-complex (Enhance your alertness)
  9. Raisin (Best snack and high in fiber)

Recommended drinks:

  1. America Ginseng boiled with rock sugar (The best! Keep your mind sharp and alert. Highly recommended drink)
  2. Honey (Keep you healthy)
  3. Chicken essence (Make you alert but need longer duration to see the effect)
  4. Plain water (Clear the toxin in your body)

There are things that students need to avoid:

  1. Sweet Soda drinks (Too much sugar will make you sleepy)
  2. Fried Chicken (Overly heaty and bad for your health)
  3. Chips and keropok (Too oily and will cause sore-throat)

[Disclaimer: Do avoid the food mentioned above if you have allergy or medical advises against them.]

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