STPM 2010 Results on 21st February 2011

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Results for STPM 2010 are finally announced. As usual, Berry Berry Easy reads the newspaper for you so that you can get a summarised account of how the group of 2010 fare in the STPM examinations. As usual, we can hear shriek of joy and see tears of joy flowing from successful candidates, but the reverse occurs too. In either way, getting your STPM results is just the beginning of a new journey in university life. Without further delay, we present you the STPM 2010 Results that was published on the 21st of February 2011.

Summary of STPM Results 2010 – 21st February 2010 – The Summary (Last update 4:32pm, 22nd February 2010)

The Malaysian Examination Council (MEC) has announced that :

General Statistics

  • 50,576 candidates sat for STPM 2010.
  • The students sat for their exams in 760 examination centres in the whole of Malaysia between 23 November 2010 – 16 December 2010.
  • 47,369 STPM 2010 candidates came from government schools.
  • 1,467 STPM 2010 candidates came from prvate schools.
  • Private candidates who took STPM 2010 amounted to 4,591 students.
  • The rest were made up from the 235 candidates from state government schools and 10 candidates from integrity schools.

General – Nationwide STPM Performance

  • The percentage of Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) candidates who obtained full pass in 5 and 4 subjects dropped from 47.72% for STPM 2009 to 46.41% in STPM 2010.
  • 2995 students obtained full pass in 5 subjects for STPM 2010.
  • This represented a 1.31% drop in performance related to students obtaining full passes in all subjects.
  • The Chairman of MPM (Pengerusi Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia), Prof. Tan Sri Dr. Dzulkifli Abdul Razak announced that the gap in performance between urban and rural STPM candidates remains wide with urban candidates greatly outperform their rural counterparts.
  • 46,780 STPM 2010 candidates obtained a full pass in at least one subject. This represented 92.49% of all candidates who sat for the 2010 STPM examinations. This also meant that the performance for 2010 is marginally poorer than those of 2009, as a decrease in 0.06% as compared to 92.55% (48,481) in 2009.
  • Performance of schools were similar for STPM 2010 as with STPM 2009 with minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) being 2.32 in 2010, in contrast with 2.33 for STPM 2009.
  • For STPM 2010, 47 schools achieved the minimum CGPA of 2.80 or higher. In comparison, 55 schools achieved this in STPM 2009 and 25 schools in STPM 2008.

Best of the Best – Top Scorers

  • In STPM 2009, 15 candidates scored Grade A in all five subjects that were sat for. This dropped to only 8 in STPM 2010.
  • Among the 8 top scorers, 7 were Science Stream students and 1 was an Art Stream student.
  • Among the 8 top scorers, 4 were super top scorers with them scoring As in all papers taken (this meant 13 papers in Science Stream and 10/11 papers for Art Stream)
  • Students scoring 4As out of the five subjects taken is also reduced to 39 in STPM 2010 as compared to 60 for STPM 2009.
  • However, those who obtained 4As out of 4 subjects taken increased from 259 (STPM 2009) to 297 (STPM 2010).
  • 343 candidates obtained a 4flat , or CGPA of 4.0 in STPM 2010. By contrast, 331 STPM 2009 candidates achieved the same feat.
  • Check out the list of top STPM 2010 student here <click here>

Urban vs Rural Comparison

  • Urban STPM 2010 candidates outperformed their rural counterparts with 946 urban students obtaining 3As, 4As and 5As as compared with 105 candidates who scored the same in rural areas.
  • When broken down into streams, science stream urban candidates who scored 3As, 4As and 5As amounted to 362 candidates as compared to a mere 7 candidates who did the same.
  • In art stream, the disparity is slightly lower but still large as 548 STPM 2010 candidates from urban areas scored 3As, 4As and 5As as compared to 98 STPM 2010 candidates in rural areas who achieved the same results.

The Berry Berry Teacher would like to know how STPM 2010 candidates fared in the exams. Do drop us a line. :)


Berry Readers’ Performance in STPM 2010 (will update as we get more feedback)

  • Berry Reader ‘Lagoon Company‘ scored A (Pengajian Am), A- (Mathematics T), B (Chemistry)  and B (Biology).
  • Berry Reader ‘Tempus‘ (view his website at scored 4As. :-) A (Pengajian Am), A (Chemistry), A- (Mathematics T) and A- (Biology)
  • Berry Reader ‘IKKI‘ obtained 2As and 2A-s. –> A (History), A (Pengajian Am), A- (Bahasa Melayu) and A- (Pengajian Perniagaan)


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