Half-Million Hits on Education Blog in Malaysia – Berry Berry Easy

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Berry Berry Easy is pleased to inform all Berry Readers that we have finally hit the half-million hits (page view) mark today. So if you are interested in a self-congratulatory post, do join in our ‘celebration’ and read on the following post.

Half-Million Hits on Education Blog in Malaysia – Berry Berry Easy

What: Berry Berry Easy achieved half a million page views, that’s 500,000 page views.

Admittedly, 500,000 page views are nothing when we look at figures achieved by bigger blogs. They probably attain this figure in a month. However, for the yet-to-mature education blogs circle, this remains quite a phenomenal achievement. Half-million hits in less than 20 months is a big deal to us, and majority of them came in the past few months. So we’re a growing site. Grant us the permission to show a screenshot of our pageviews and visitors so far (as of 9th June 2011):


Further great news include our high Malaysian website ranking as collated by Alexa Ranking. Although there has not been any consensus to the validity of Alexa ranking, but it is among the most respected ranking. Better some ranking which is not entirely accurate to gauge your standing than no ranking at all. Our Malaysian website ranking of Top 1,216 in Malaysia is the best so far that we have achieved. This puts us among the top education related blogs/websites in Malaysia. Surprisingly enough is our Top 10 website ranking in Kangar. :-) You can find the screenshot from Alexa.com below:


This concludes our post on achieving the half-million pageview milestone. We would like to thank all readers, sponsors and well-wishers for your support. We could not have made it without you and would aspire to bring more education related-content to Berry Berry Easy. :-)

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