SPM Chemistry Form 4 Notes – Electrochemistry (Part 10 – Final)

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Most of the time, students learn stuffs in SPM Chemistry thinking that it is just for exams and whatever they learn will have no practical application in real life. That perception is wrong, as everything you learn is either building blocks to understand something more complex or it already has practical applications which was neglected to be described in detail. The electrochemical series is one of those which students typically only memorise for exam purposes but forget about its actual purposes. So this post, Part 10 in the series of note on Electrochemistry for SPM Chemistry Form 4 students by Berry Berry Easy will be on the importance of electrochemical series. Typically this question will appear (although not too frequently) as the last part of an essay question, so do try to remember what is presented below.

[Tips: Berry Readers occasionally ask that why is it that the values stated in an electrochemical series for different books are varied. This is due to the fact that it is usually only an approximation, albeit a close approximation. So, use it as a rough guide for placement of order rather than actual absolute numerical figure. Although in exams, if given the values, you should just use it for calculations and do not dispute the values given.]

SPM Chemistry Form 4 Notes – Electrochemistry (Part 10 – Final)

Voltaic Cell

Voltaic Cell

The Importance of Electrochemical Series

To determine:

  • Terminal of a voltaic cell
  • Voltage produced by a pair of metals
  • Ability of a metal to displace another metal from its salt solution
  • Metal displacement of hydrogen from an acid

The Importance of Electrochemical Industries

  • Extract useful metals (aluminium, sodium and magnesium) from its ore using electrolysis.
  • Manufacture of useful chemical substances (chlorine and sodium hydroxide) using electrolysis.
  • Electroplating of iron with chromium to protect the iron layer.
  • Silver-plating to make fine cutleries.
  • Voltaic cell (batteries)

Effect of Electrochemical Industries towards the Environment

  • Heavy metals (chromium and mercury) – cause water pollution.
  • Chlorine gas is a toxic gas – cause problem (irritates) to human respiratory system.
  • Mercury cell (batteries) is highly toxic.
  • Improper disposal of industrial waste – cause water pollution.

This marks the end of the entire series of note on Electrochemistry for SPM Chemistry Form 4 students by Berry Berry Easy. Do try to read again all parts in this chapter on electrochemistry as it is a sure question in your SPM examinations.

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