SPM Biology 2011 – Extra Tips and Predictions for Papers 4551/3

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Predicted Experiments (Tips) for SPM Biology 2011 Paper 3 from Berry Berry Easy is finally. This is the first year we are predicting the experiment topics in Paper 3. The challenge in paper 3 are usually two-fold as in there is a large scope of experiments to be tested and also the techniques required. So this post is specially for all Berry Readers as you’ll find extra tips and predictions for SPM 2011 Biology Paper 3. Before heading on to the examination tips and predictions, you may also visit the answering techniques for paper 3 at http://berryberryeasy.com/2010/11/spm-2010-biology-paper-3-answering-techniques/

Whenever possible, do study all the experiments and do all the necessary preparation. Tips are only useful if you have at least studied everything once. Scores in examinations are proportional to hard work, so try to work as hard as you can. Your final chance to study properly before SPM 2011. Remember to share this post with all your friends who are struggling with SPM Biology 2011 paper 3.

SPM Biology 2011 – Tips and Predictions for Papers 4551/3

Students are encouraged to go through all these experiments and familiarised with PEKA biology experiments. The following links are constructive PEKA study guide.  The list of past year SPM topics are given below:

BIT Paper 3

SPM 2003 (Paper 3)

SPM 2004 (Paper 3)

SPM 2005 (paper 3)

SPM 2006 (Paper 3)

SPM 2007 (Paper 3)

SPM 2008 (Paper 3)

SPM 2009 (Paper 3)

SPM 2010 (Paper 3)

SPM 2011 (Paper 3)

Latest Update Hot Tips

  • Chapter 3* – Movement of substances across the plasma membrane
  • Chapter 4 – Chemical Composition of the Cell
  • Chapter 6* – Nutrition
  • Chapter 7 – Respiration


Year Structured Question Essay Question (Plan an experiment)
2010 Q1 Effect of different duration of activity on the percentages of carbon dioxide in exhaled air Q2 Effect of the competition in growth – height, size and dry mass
2009 Q1 Effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis Q2 Effect of temperature on the rate of enzyme reaction
2008 Q1 Effect of light intensity on the population distribution of Pleurococcus sp. Q2 Study the size of molecules that can diffuse through a semipermeable membrane
2007 Q1 Effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis of a Hydrilla sp. Q2 Rate of anaerobic respiration – temperature, pH values and nutrient
2006 Q1 Effect of the concentration of albumen suspension on the rate of reaction of pepsin enzyme Q2 Determine the concentration of sucrose (isotonic) to the cell sap of the mango
2005 Q1 Energy content in white bread and peanuts Q2 Determine the concentration of the solution
2004 Q1 Percentage of vitamin C in fruit juice using DCPIP solution Q2 Estimate the size of the bird population
2003 Q1 Camouflage – predator-prey relationship Q3 Concentration of carbon dioxide and the rate of photosynthesis

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