Inability to Read and Write among Students in Malaysia

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Illiteracy in Malaysia? Is it possible that after completing secondary school level education in Malaysia that there are still a substantial percentage of students who find it difficult to read and write? Recently, 8% of 6,667 National Service (NS) trainees from thirty camps were discovered to not be able to read and write. Obviously, this is not a representative of all students in Malaysia, but six thousand plus students isn’t a small figure either. Before anybody gets shocked by the news, do allow Berry Berry Easy to disseminate information on this revelation.

Inability to Read and Write among Students in Malaysia

What: 8% of 6,667 National Service (NS) trainees were found to be unable to read and write.
Discovered by: Defence Ministry of Malaysia


  • From 6,667 NS trainees (third batch of NS trainee in August 2011), it was found that about 8% were unable to read and write.
  • This was based on the module of a pilot project called “I-Smart”. The project was initiated to ensure that basic reading and writing skills were obtained by NS trainees.
  • In the programme, trainees are categorised into six bands.
  • Eight percent scored the lowest band, hence the statement of lacking basic reading and writing skills.
  • The module was a success with 78% of the 482 students during their NS tenure.


  • A programme is developed for NS trainees who are overweight.
  • Trainee are expected to complete programmes based on their body mass index (BMI).

Is this a shocking revelation? Or are those who scored the lowest band being unprepared for the assessment, especially it being after SPM? What is your say? Berry Berry Easy would like to hear from you.

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