Latest STPM 2013 Syllabus – General Paper / Pengajian Am (Part 5)

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STPM 2013 Pengajian Am (General Paper) is a compulsory subject for STPM 2013 Form 6 students. Therefore, it is very important to know about the latest changes in the learning topics for STPM 2013 Pengajian Am (General Paper). Berry Berry Easy would like to present you on the various topics of the latest changes in Pengajian Am learning subject for science and art streams students. This post on the STPM 2013 Pengajian Am (General Paper) learning topics for the use starting in 2012 is the fifth part of the series ‘Latest STPM 2013 Syllabus‘ .

Sukatan Pelajaran Pengajian Am STPM 2013 – Sukatan Pelajaran Terbaru bagi Pelajar Tingkatan Enam Rendah bagi Tahun 2012

STPM 2013 General Paper Syllabus – Latest Syllabus for Lower Six Student in 2012

Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia

First term

  • Kemahiran Belajar
  • Malaysia Kekal Berdaulat

Second term

  • Alih Bentuk Komunikasi
  • Malaysia Maju Dan Sejahtera
  • Kerja Kursus

Third term

  • Alih Bentuk Komunikasi
  • Malaysia Dan Negara Luar

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