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Recommendations for school revision books are requests commonly asked by Berry Readers. While we are more than happy to recommend the books, we often get a follow up question of “Where can we buy those school revision book?”. This post shall serve as an informative guide to answer that particular question.

For it, Berry Berry Easy is pleased to be introducing to our Berry Readers – MPH Online Bookstore – inarguably one of the best ways to get those useful school revision books. So look no further than MPH’s Online Store <>.

MPH Online Bookstore – Where the Bookstore Comes to You

MPH Logo

What: MPH Online Bookstore
When: Now. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When it comes to book stores, everybody in Malaysia knows about MPH Bookstore. But do you know that MPH also have an online store ready to sell you the same wonderful books which would be helpful to:

  • cultivate reading habits
  • ensure that you are well-prepared for examinations

Books and academic success are never too far apart – Image from iStockphoto

So what’s the big deal about this MPH online store?

Of course this is a big deal to all school-going students. Ever wanted to buy school revision books but were faced with the following problems of:

  1. Not having transportation to visit the bookstore (sometimes mummy and daddy are really too busy to ferry us around)
  2. Fear of carrying large amount of money (money can be lost through carelessness or even unfortunate events like theft)
  3. Don’t wish to pay parking fees in shopping complexes (sometimes the parking fee exceeds the price of the books that we want to buy)
  4. Needing lots of energy to carry books when we buy in larger quantities (imagine carrying a lot of books in your outing with your friends)
  5. Just want to stay in the comfort of your home (sometimes we just want to spend quality time with our family on those precious weekends)

Well, fret no more because online shops are here to provide you with another way to buy your books in addition to conventional outlets and e-book sales. Without further ado, let us introduce MPH Online Bookstore in detail to you. A screenshot of the website is shown below.

MPH Online Bookstore Homepage

It is really simple to use. To buy a book, for example, revision books (follow the red/pink arrows):

1. Click on the ‘School Revision’ tab located just below the MPH logo. Or type this in your browser

Revision books in MPH Online Bookstore

2. Scroll through the list (primary and secondary school revision books).
3. Click on the ‘More’ button if you want to see more books in the category.
4. Click ‘Add to Cart’ for the books that you wish to purchase (if you already have an account). (You may also click on the book cover if you wish to see more information regarding the book)

MPH Online School Revision - How to choose books
5. You will then be prompted to the log in page. (Steps 5-6 are only relevant if you do not yet have an account with MPH Online Bookstore)

Opening an account in MPH Online Bookstore
6. Create an account. Do provide your details.

MPH - Account Personal Information

7. Log in as a ‘Returning Customer’.
8. Select the books that you want to buy (Same as Step 4).
9. In the ‘Shopping Cart’ page, you just need to complete three substeps of: Order Status (choose the quantity), Payment Mode (choose payment method) and Delivery Address (provide delivery address). – Just follow on with the prompted instruction on the page. (Different payment methods will require different authentication methods, but they are all safe).
10.  Wait for your book to arrive.

FotoliaYou’d look as happy as her too when buying books is as easy as few clicks from the comfort of your home. – Image from Fotolia

Need to be further convinced of MPH Online Bookstore?

Berry Berry Easy believes that MPH Online Bookstore provides an edge on revision book shopping because of the following reasons:

  1. Convenience (not many tasks can be easier than the clicking of a few buttons).
  2. Safety (online purchases require more authentication than a typical cash transaction, and you have electronic traces as proof of your payment).
  3. Save money (yes, there are discounts and offers for books bought online – see the banner below).
  4. Free delivery (if you buy books above RM80 (West Malaysia) or RM100 (East Malaysia), conditions apply).
  5. Wide selection (unlike the retail outlet which might vary from shop to shop, you can find nearly all the books in the warehouse from the online store).

MPH Online Bookstore Discounts

Yes! Up to 30% off for revision books (offers duration: 1 July 2012 – 31 August 2012), head directly to <>. So whether you are a parent or a student, be sure to get sufficient study materials like revision books and past year models paper, while taking advantage of this offer.

MPH Online <> is not all about revision books. You can also find non-academic books, e-book reader and other gifts.

Imagine if you are not free to buy a present for a friend, whatever the occasion it may be. Don’t worry because MPH Online can provide you with a solution with gifts to cater for toddlers all the way to adults. So check out the great gifts at <> (powered by

You can find gifts like soft toys, educational toys, board games, smart pens, e-book readers (also known as e-readers), stationeries and many many other items. There’s surely something for everybody.

Gifts from MPH Online Bookstore

We also mentioned about e-books. So what are these fancy electronic books? In short, they are an electronic gadget which uses electronic ink technology to emulate printed pages, as if you would if you were to read from a hard physical copy book. So what are the advantages of the e-books?

Taken from the wonderful FAQ pages <>

E-books have several advantages over print materials:

  • You can conveniently buy e-books from your computer or reading devices while at home, work, or on the go.
  • Text or words can be searched, cross-referenced or looked up in a dictionary.
  • Because e-books are compact electronic files, hundreds of books can be stored in the memory of your computer or reading device.
  • E-books can be stored on several computers or portable devices, making them accessible from multiple places.
  • If you lose an e-book, you can easily replace it by re-downloading the title (up to the number of allowable times).
  • Readers who have difficulty reading printed books can benefit from the adjustment of text size and font.
  • Most e-book reading devices allow reading in low light — even total darkness — with an included backlight.
  • Although electricity is required for reading, e-books are not made of paper or ink, making them considerably greener than the print alternatives.

We are sure that by now, you are sold with the idea of an e-book. So head over to <> and see for yourself the many great deals in the e-book section of the MPH Online Bookstore. Check out also the e-book readers from iRiver and BenQ which are being offered.

Malaysia - E-book reader from MPH Online Bookstore

Berry Berry Easy would like to wish all Berry Readers a wonderful shopping experience at

[Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by MPH through Nuffnang. While this is a sponsored post, Berry Berry Easy really does think that an online bookstore will indeed be a great option for now and in the future for the purchasing of books. Screenshots are taken from and rights to the images shall remain with the source site.]

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