Research for Form 6 Students and Teachers (Part 1)

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Research for Form 6 Students and Teachers have become a new trend in the latest learning system. Starting from STPM 2012 the academic year of 2012, Form 6 students are compulsory to carry out a project (similar to research) in School-Based Assessment of practical (Kerja Kursus / Kerja Projek) while Form 6 Teachers are advised to carry out an educational research every year. Berry Berry Easy would like to present a short summary of types of research for STPM 2012 Form 6 students and teachers in this latest series.

Research for Teacher and Form 6 Students (Part 1)

Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia


Types of Research

Correlation Research

It is a research to determine relationships among two or more variables, and to explore their implications for cause and effect. This type of research searches for one or more relationships of some type exist. There is no manipulation of intervention on the part of the researcher other than that required to administer the instrument.

Experimental Research

There are two contrasting methods to be compared and an attempt is made to control for all other variables (teacher characteristics, time, student ability level and examination grade).

Causal-Comparative Research

It is a type of research to determine the cause for of the consequences of differences between groups of people.

Survey Research

This is a type of research to determine specific characteristics of a group. The difficulties in this type of research are:

  • Questions need to be clear and not misleading
  • Respondents answer question thoughtfully and honestly
  • Sufficient number of the questionnaires completed

Content Analysis Research

It is a method to study human behavior unobtrusively (without being directly involved with people or situation)

Qualitative Research

It is a research method to gather an in-depth study in human behavior and reason of the particular behavior. This research can be carried out by using the techniques of an ethnographic study, case study or shadowing.

Historical Research

It is a type of research that involve finding of some aspect of the past. The method of finding is through perusing documents of the period or interviewing individuals who lived during the time.

We will discuss this further in the next part of this series.

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