SPM Physics Form 4 Notes – Force and Motion (Part 1)

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The SPM Form 4 and 5 students will need to study the Force and Motion as the most important chapter in Physics. Berry Berry Easy would like to present you Linear Motion which is an interesting topic in Physics by our new contributor, See Chee Keong. This subtopic is one of the basic knowledge in Form 4 SPM Physics. Have any students try to figure out the force on an object and the movement / motion of the object? The answer is surely a “YES” and Berry Berry Easy will provide the further explanation for these questions. Our young contributor who loves Physics will be sharing out all his knowledge with our Berry Readers.

SPM Physics Form 4 Notes – Force and Motion (Part 1)

Linear motion

Dynamics is a very interesting topic in physics, we can find it everywhere in our daily life. Many students tend to skip this topic, just because they really cannot grab the main idea of this topic. In this section, we will discuss about some important terms in dynamics and the characteristic. Before we start to learn more about dynamics, student should be clear about the meaning of the terms we usually use, so that you will not confuse when we go further in this topic.

Scalar and vector quantity

  • Scalar quantityhas magnitude but no direction
  • Vector quantityhave magnitude and direction

In dynamics, the direction of motion is incredibly important!!! Some students will make mistake about the “+” and “-” sign, when they substitute the value in an equation. “+” and “−” signs have no physical meaning in mathematic. In physics, we give them a new definition, “+” indicate the positive direction “–” indicate the negative direction.

Figure 2

Figure 2

Figure 2.0 shows x and y axes. Usually we set right and upward direction as a positive direction, left and downward direction as negative direction. Start from now you must remember them until you finish your SPM!! The direction is extremely important!!

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December 7, 2012

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