SPM Physics Form 4 Notes – Force and Motion (Part 4)

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Most of the SPM Form 4 and 5 students would need to define and apply the concept of Speed and Velocity from our previous SPM Physics Form 4 Notes – Force and Motion (Part 3) notes into this current post of Acceleration. Students may need to understand the basic acceleration concept and interpret graph of velocity against time. As Pure Physics students can see, Force and Motion is one of the most important chapter in Physics. Berry Berry Easy would like to present you another post on Linear Motion by our Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) graduated contributor, See Chee Keong. He will provide the definition of acceleration concept and graph interpretation for our Form 4 and Form 5 Physics students.

SPM Physics Form 4 Notes – Force and Motion (Part 4)


  • Acceleration defined as the rate of change of velocity
  • Acceleration = velocity / time

Therefore what we can say it that is in the graph of velocity against time, the gradient of the graph should be the acceleration.

In figure below, it show the graph of velocity against time for the motion in the previous meat (Figure 2.5 )  Notes – Force and Motion (Part 4).

Figure 2.6

Figure 2.6

The gradient of the graph is zero, therefore the magnitude of acceleration = 0 m . But!! Since the direction of that person keeps changing, the velocity keeps changing. Then the person experiences acceleration, just because the acceleration defines as the rate of change of velocity. The acceleration appears here is the centripetal acceleration. We always experience it when our car makes a sudden turn.

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