Berry Berry Teacher – Miss Isabelle Wong (Chemistry and Biology)


Isabelle Wong is currently working as a teacher in SMK Dato Jaafar. In 2007, she completed her Masters in Education with Distinction (Sarjana Pendidikan Sains dengan Cemerlang) in University Malaya. Her research interests is in laboratory safety where she also did a study on “Form 4 Students’ Conceptions of Safety in the School Science Laboratory” for her Masters thesis. Prior to that, she had also graduated in University Malaya with a Bachelors of Science in Education.

Her field of specialisation is chemistry, biology and laboratory safety. She has also gave a talk on “Project Based Learning” in 2009.

Isabelle Wong can be contacted at:

(The University of Malaya Library’s Pendeta Web Public Access Catalog has the information of the Master’s thesis. It can be found by clicking here.)

Working experience:

  • 2007-Present : Currently still teaching in SMK Dato’ Jaafar, Johor Bahru
  • 2006 : Taught in SJK(C) Pandan, Johor Bahru as a temporary teacher for one year
  • 2005 : Worked in Rumah Charis, Sea Park , Selangor as a autistic teacher (good exposure in teaching autistic kids)
  • 2003 : Teaching practical in SMK Gajah Berang, Melaka
  • 1999-2005 : Worked as an assistant editor in an establish publisher in Malaysia


Berry Berry Jenius – Ng Jo-Han (General)


Berry Berry Jenius, also known as Ng Jo-Han, is formerly a student from SMK Dato’ Jaafar (year 1995-2000). (He uses Jenius instead of Genius to emphasise the fact that he is not a Genius) Currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in the field of engineering. He will be contributing to the website on issues such as:

  • higher education studies
  • college/university student life
  • career choices
  • personal experiences

You may forward any questions regarding the above issues to him from the “Contact Form” or “Berry Bising” box. He will be posting on issues which concern you based on the feedback received. So feel free to submit questions regarding life after secondary school to him, he will try his best to answer all your queries.


New Berry Berry Member – Cikgu Manisah Ahmad (Pengajian Am and Ekonomi)

Berry Berry Easy has expanded its scope to cover arts subject with new team member in the form of Cikgu Manisah Ahmad. Cikgu Manisah Ahmad specialises in the General Paper (Pengajian Am) and Economy (Ekonomi) for STPM Form 6. She’s currently teaching in the same school as the Berry Berry Teacher in SMK Dato Jaafar. A short profile of her can be found below:

Name: Manisah Ahmad
School: SMK Dato Jaafar, Johor Bahru.
Year of service: 4 years
University: Universiti Utara Malaysia
Graduate : 2006
Teaching Subject: Pengajian Am and Ekonomi


Need more Berry Contributor

Ever wanted to help all the young people in Malaysia? Why not try using the power of words to play a part in guiding the youth of today? Why not join Berry Berry Easy as a contributor and make a difference?

Contact us via the ‘Contact Form’ to indicate your scope of interest and how you can contribute to the site. You do not need to commit yourself for long, a single article will be enough. Of course, the more the merrier. Any language will do :-)

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