Berry Role Model

Berry Role Model No.4 – Dedicated Nurse – Judy Goh

23 June 2010

Berry Berry Easy would be pleased to introduce to our Berry Readers, our Berry Role Model #4. Our Berry Role Model today is Miss Judy Goh Wen Yi, a dedicated nurse with a hidden flair for performing arts. So just how talented is our young nightingale in white in performing arts? Fashion, music, drama and [...]

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Berry Role Model No.3 – Bowling Champion/Future EE Engineer – Low Wooi Kit

20 May 2010

Welcome to Part 3 of the Berry Role Model Series. Our Role Model this issue is Mr Low Wooi Kit, a bowling champion. Not any champion, but a national-level champion to say the least. While being a national-level champion is outstanding, but what is more outstanding is that he debunk the myth about sportsperson not [...]

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Berry Berry Easy has a new header designed by Berry Role Model #1 – Kendrick Ng

19 April 2010

We hope we managed to catch the attention of our ‘long-time’ Berry Berry Easy readers with a change in the header for this website. Gone is the big strawberry with the wreath of leaves and in come a specially designed header by Kendrick Ng, our very first Berry Role Model. It’s rather a momentous event [...]

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Berry Role Model No.2 – Budding Scientist/A-Level Student – Yvonne Choo

13 March 2010

Welcome to Part 2 of the Berry Role Model Series. Today, we have with us a very interesting personality, Miss Yvonne Choo from INTI University College Nilai who is multi-talented. Finding a talent like her is difficult, but describing her is even more difficult. Why? Because Berry Berry Easy could not decide on how to [...]

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Berry Role Model No.1 – Artist/Freelance Designer – Kendrick Ng

7 December 2009

Despite the proliferation of the Internet which allows the rapid dissemination of information, students remained largely uninformed regarding the career choices. Hence, Berry Berry Easy is starting a series called “Berry Role Models” where real people in various different fields will be giving advices to our Young Berries who would be making decisions regarding their [...]

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