Upper 6

Yearly Plan (Rancangan Pelajaran Tahunan) – SPM Chemistry Upper Form 6

12 February 2012

Following the request of last year’s Rancangan Pelajaran Tahunan which was published on Berry Berry Easy from teachers and students alike, we would once again publish our “Rancangan Pelajaran Tahunan Kimia Tingkatan 6 Atas Daerah Johor Bahru” for the academic year of 2012. Although it is stated that this is for the district of Johor [...]

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Yearly Plan (Takwim) for STPM Chemistry Form Upper 6 – Year 2010

6 January 2010

Finally, the last part of the yearly plan for Chemistry. This post as usual will be especially useful for revising students and teachers who would like to make their own teaching plans. Berry Berry Teacher wish to wish all of you students and teachers, all the best in this nascent academic year. Let us all [...]

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